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  1. Speak to Jamie at Bell & Colvill. I had a very spirited (unaccompanied) test drive in a GT410 Sport and it was bloody brilliant! This is a Lotus forum, so you’re going to get everyone saying the Lotuses drive better. But also having owned two 911s as well as two Lotuses (currently have one of each) I feel slightly less partisan. - Evora will ride and handle better (Sport 410 and GT410 Sport are same car underneath) - Cayman is better built. Some argue the engine is more special. - if you really want a tool for spirited weekend drives (as opposed to touring) and value the ‘connected’ driving experience over all else get an Elise or an Exige. - Really you have to test drive (or at least test ride) all of Cayman/Evora/(Elise) as you won’t really know what presses your buttons until you get hands on.
  2. Gosh, so sorry to hear this. How long ago was this? Probably a little while now? So sad to have lost what was a very rare lovely spec car!
  3. Evoras should be pretty quiet at motorway speeds. I'd wager two things are causing your noise levels - wind noise from window/door seals (there shouldn't be any) and worn tyres. I put some Conti Sport Contact 7s on mine and it made a massive difference to noise levels, as did a bit of self repair around the triangular A pillar trim. Might be worth getting your seals checked by a specialist if not immediately obvious how to resolve. Early Evoras did have a bit of an issue with the seals - was sorted on 2012 cars on, although of course age will have an impact too by now!
  4. Would need to be a proper bargain - that’s only the stuff that’s appeared on the report!
  5. Moments of madness are what makes life worth living! And really sorry to hear about your wife's diagnosis. I hope she's getting really good care.
  6. I completely agree. There are a few reasons why cars go to these kinds of auctions IMO - in order of most common to least common: 1) The car is a dog. Or hiding something that wouldn't be acceptable through private sale. 2) Trade seller took it in part ex and needs to shift. Doesn't suit their business to sell themselves. 3) Probate sale. Family just need to shift the asset. 4) Vendor is rich, and just wants to shift the car. The soft auction price easily offsets the time and energy required to sell privately 5) The car is incredibly rare, and auction is the best way to maximise the value by setting off a bidding war. So trying to ascertain which of these categories it is is part of @jep's 10% skill quotient! What you really want is number 3 (especially if cherished), but 2 and 4 are fine too. Unfortunately most are number 1. @superdavelotus By the way, which Esprit V8 GT did you get? The red one or the silver one? (I just took the liberty of looking at their past results - both cars presented well TBH!)
  7. Gosh. How weird from the seller?! At least you didn’t have to meet them in person! Do you mind if I ask what you bought? And was the condition it arrived in more or less what you thought you were getting? (Assume you didn’t see the car in person pre bidding).
  8. Slightly off topic but how was your experience with Bonhams? Was it Bonhams Cars Online? There's one on there at the moment I'm serious about bidding hard on!
  9. I tried to view a car before bidding once on CC. They insisted I pay them their full commission before handing over the vendor's details, and the only way I'd get it back was if there was something objectively 'wrong' with the listing. i.e. you can't just view and say 'not for me'. So (in combination with some other bad (pushy) experiences) it's not a platform I'd use again quickly.
  10. It's standard practice for them to put a 'hold' across your card for the value of their commission at the level of the first bid you make. They're protecting themselves from people who bid on stuff and don't have the means to even pay the commission. If you don't win the auction, the hold will be released in a few days. If you do, you'll either find this hold turns into the purchase debit (at a slightly higher level given what it will ultimately go for), or they'll charge you a new fee in addition and release the hold. I've had a few experiences with the team at CC - can't say I'm a fan. They're very pushy and very driven by their own commission. They don't really care about buyers or sellers, only that they get their slice.
  11. My S1 has proved to be remarkably rain proof with the soft top on so I’ve not needed the shower cap yet. Congrats on joining the club Geek - I think this thread needs pics!
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