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  1. My battery, almost 3 years old, is shot and now holds charge for less than a week. Any recommendations for where to get a replacement of the stock part? Not interested in a lightweight as likely selling the car soon. Anyone else had a battery fail quite so soon?
  2. Just dropped my Exige off for warranty work and was looking on the forecourt, Pre reg Emira seem to be £90k+, with autos going for £93k. On Auto trader you can buy the same with very low mileage for £75k. You'd need to be insane to buy a new one.
  3. Thanks for that, I did think it was a new dealer, I'm near Cambridge, so I think it will have to be a round trip to Silverstone.
  4. My Exige needs to go in for some warranty work to replace a headlight and fix a broken switch. Anyone any dealings with Lotus Hatfield for service? I refuse to step foot in JCT600 in Bradford ever again, and Oakmere weren't much better so this is the next closest for me, unless I drive 80 miles to Lotus Silverstone.
  5. Has anyone else noticed the fuel icon filler triangle on the FE dash is on the wrong side? Well this is a major problem, I pulled in to get some fuel today and searched high and low down the passenger side for the fuel filler and it just wasn't there. Panic mildly set in that I wouldn't get home. Luckily I just caught a glimpse of it on the drivers side and all was good. I guess technically it's pointing right, but on my mini the triangle is on the right. But I was thinking, if enough of us make a warranty claim on this terrible flaw, will Lotus spring into action and fix it, along with unlocking the rest of the dash???
  6. Do you really think lotus will bother with further versions of the Emira. It was a cash cow whilst they move to the luxury market. Why would they create themselves a support and development headache when they’re moving to EV saloons and suvs which will make them more money? MG are doing a great job in the mid range sector, I can’t imagine Lotus will do anything other than cockup their move, they’re clueless with service and support and show no signs of resolving the issues, richer customers will be even more demanding.
  7. Matt W

    Lotus Emira I4

    From the Harry’s Garage review the auto box in manual mode looked pretty ropey, short ratios and sluggish shift doesn’t look like a lot of fun. But that whole review was pretty lame, they spent a lot of time going over the niggles. For what they’re now asking, the car looks poor value and not overly engaging, but looks nice. You pays your money …
  8. I don't really understand why anyone would order an FE now. Get on AT, find one of the many unsold, low mileage cars that will probably match your spec, if not listed phone the dealers to find one of the many unlisted cars, and save yourself a fortune off new and a wait.
  9. If two pieces are cast together, doesn’t that make them one piece ?
  10. That would be great, the only bits I need are the locating pins. The upper bit of part 18.on the diagram above.
  11. Thanks both, as you suggest I need the locating pins, I'll get a couple which will do the trick. Thanks again for your help.
  12. Sorry this is a request for pics again, at the rear underside of the carbon access panel, are there any supports attached to the front clam? The rear of my panel I just fitted looks too low and it has some lateral movement. Looked on the lotus parts website and there does look to be done sort of support, but the parts diagram not to clear what fits what car. Thanks!
  13. That’s perfect thanks. Looks like the inner edge folds into the gap where the headlight glass is. Many thanks!
  14. I've just got hold of a pair of the black headlight surround decals, the fit seems a bit odd and I'm wondering if they need trimming? Does anyone have any closeup pics of 410 or 430 cars with them fitted? Thanks!
  15. Day in the Dales... Very few about, lots of standing water though. But beautiful and clear.
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