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  1. Thanks @Bibs, I actually managed to find some that I think are right... will get SW Lotus to check them and, if OK, fit shortly. Were at a big internet retailer called Mick's Garage in Ireland...
  2. Thanks @Bibs, how on earth did that happen?? Surely they get replaced in pairs?!😂 thanks for digging… I may have found a pair from ‘Mick’s garage’. Should arrive today so will see if they are the right (and left) ones…
  3. Hi @Bibs, they may be B132J4017F. B132J4018F - though these may be the non-drilled ones? or... C132J4007F which I think is one of the drilled ones, which I should have (they are handed, I can't find the part number for the other side as this is the only drilled one that seems to be on the parts list at the moment)
  4. We followed each other in the frustrating traffic on the A35 from the M5 to Axminster, where I peeled off (Aqua Evora S1). Great looking (and sounding) Exige!
  5. Thanks @Cdm2018 - but you may have just had the last of the OEM ones... SW Lotus can't get them anymore! Hence my dilemma...
  6. thanks Justin - I've dropped them a note to ask to confirm what options they have available as their cheaper ones don't seem to be drilled and their ally belled ones are a bit more expensive (though I may go for those as they look pretty! - and should be a bit lighter etc.).
  7. Just had a service on my n/a and it became clear that a new set of front discs wouldn't be a bad idea (car has now done 84k and is on its second set of front discs... I think the rears were original and rather worse so they have been replaced). SW Lotus Centre had rears available but only two RHS front discs and no LHS ones! For now, the fronts are OK, having had a skim, but I'll need to get new discs fairly soon. The fact that Lotus are not supplying these for any of the pre-400 cars is appalling can @Bibs confirm that is the case? Otherwise, I'll have to spend a bit more and get the Elise shop ones linked above...
  8. Just had a pair fitted by SW Lotus Centre - should have been about £80 each plus fitting - were a terrible mess with rubbing through and rusty bolts! Much better now...
  9. Not sure if I can make it but took a look and... Seems to be sold out!
  10. Should be able to make it to this one, hope to see you there.
  11. Great photos Mark and indeed, it was a super day… got a bit of sun burn! fantastic range of cars turned up. My first track day and I’m certainly intent on coming back next year. The old Evora behaved impeccably.
  12. Probably off topic (as this is a market watch thread) but I drove the i4 Emira this weekend at Ryland / Rybrook (fab dealership by the way, definitely a great place for Lotus to be), having driven up in my ancient old n/a Evora 😉 and it's fantastic. They have quietened the steering feedback somewhat but the chassis control over crappy B road surfaces (touring spec) was amazing and gave me more confidence to hustle the car along than I'd have had in my car on the same surface. As a daily where you can stick it in tour and drift along or change mode and have some fun (it's definitely quick enough for the road) I think it's fab. Eventually would go very nicely alongside my car, which can semi-retire and get washed / pampered once in a while!
  13. Sounds good @DDubya, I did the Club Lotus Irish Spring weekend last week and a few of the local contingent will be coming over to the open garden too. We'll have an early n/a Evora, Turbo and V8 Esprits and something else, didn't catch what that will be. Should be a lot of cars there on the Saturday.
  14. honestly, a bit of rain.. 😉 Yes, it seems that the SW group is really a combination of CL and LDC, the two clubs are combining efforts quite a bit this year (the CL Irish weekend which I'm doing in a couple of weeks was also communicated through LDC for example). There's a Wessex group drive out (from Salisbury way) to the Yeovil Fleet Air Arm museum on Sunday which I'm going to join - the weather is looking a bit better for those of you who don't like their cars to get wet! No worries, see you at some point soon I'm sure!
  15. I haven't seen anything on here about this so I wondered if anyone... @exeterjeep, @mayevora, @EGTE, @MPx was planning to go along? As usual, I'll use it as an excuse to see my brother for an evening and it's not as far as some of the planned drives this year! Maybe see you at the Sportsmans Arms, Blackawton, Totnes TQ9 7DE?
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