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  1. Yes after a software update it changes mph to kph…. And i can talk to the car too…
  2. Voice assistant now working with the latest software, however the command. ‘Increase horsepower’ and ‘increase max rev limit’ doesn’t appear to work 😀
  3. With its latest version of software, mph/ kph main Speedo changes are now working
  4. Well I guess it might be a few years before they have a new parts ordering system, so there should be no problems going fwd😀
  5. I think the issue of no parts to order was a result of Lotus UK changing the parts ordering system, they closed the old one but the new one wasn’t functional,, (for nearly 2 months?) but this information wasn’t passed on down the food chain. I see no reason why the emira couldn’t be used as a daily driver. So if the timing cover was removed and a new gasket fitted, how can this be done without removing the engine…. Maybe it was the valve covers removed and some senors replaced, can anyone confirm what the part numbers I mentioned actually are as maybe I am loosing something in the translation had a quick afternoon drive, and yes still a huge smile on my face after…. And that’s what it was bought for
  6. Just got my car back from its service, it was ready in mid April but I was away and unable to collect the car. one item I have never heard of Is replacement of differential pressure sensors that involved removal and replacement of timing chain cover/ gasket (lot 8891364975, 8891607126, A132E6433SM They also were unable to reset the service interval, some control unit needs to be replaced. the good news I can now select kph or mph in vehicle settings , oh and the service was no charge due to the delays. However do you think it’s unreasonable for me to ask for the warranty to be extended to cover the 4 months with no car? ab
  7. my car is needing a hose for the power steering as part of the recall items, currently its not available with no projected delivery date, is this a common issue? Does lotus have a replacement car policy?
  8. So my emira is in Lotus Paris Ouest for its first ever vist and slightly late first service. Paris Ouest has just opened, i guess primarily for EV as not many will pay the emmissions tax of euro 60000 (from 1st jan) in france. The place is still under conversion but i have been in contact with them for a few months waiting for the service part to open. Mine is the first Emira they have seen. its in for annual service fix sport/track/tourning button and clips for cargo net (thats it for 13 months of ownership) and the following recal items 2023/01R 2023/02R 2023/03R 2023/12 2023/16 2023/21 2024/14 Does anyone know what these are and is it all thats needed? regards
  9. So it appears I have this issue too, however I also have noticed that the time from pressing the start button to the starter motor turning has changed significantly, it used to be almost immediately, it’s now 4 or 5 seconds, makes you think you have not pushed the button properly, so you do which restarts the starting cycle etc, very alarming. So does anyone know if the software update is ready? I know various faults inhibit the starting cycle, but these come with associated yellow/red warnings, but is this starting delay telling me something?
  10. Couple of photos from today On my way home more to come…
  11. Thanks for the info Tom day 6 of a 11 day tour completed, best road so far Col Saint Pierre border of ardeche/ cevvanes, its the hill climb track. Almost NO traffic nice pic from the top
  12. Thanks for the info, however using the telephone numbers on the lotus.com lotus centres map I called all 3 of these dealers but the phone numbers were out of service, I think the lotus.fr lotus centres map has different telephone numbers and I will try some tomorrow…. All very frustrating
  13. I wasn’t fussy a retail agent or service center would do, but retail agents don’t appear to exist either it does seem the information on the lotus France map seems better than the lotus.com map, will try again tomorrow https://www.lotuscars.com/en-GB/lotus-centres
  14. I wasn’t fussy a retail agent or service center would do, but retail agents don’t appear to exist either
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