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Community Answers

  1. Maybe because you never owned an Evora? 😉
  2. There is a certain brand of ODB reader which can also clear the airbag light (which will come on if you try to start your car with a flat battery). A search for 'Evora airbag light' should point you in the right direction. However, you won't find any commercially available reader which can read the Lotus specific codes (ie you won't find a hacked version of Lotus TechCentre).
  3. Bravo73


    Have you ever heard one firing its gun? 🤯😈 A better line is always found further down the ad: ”Disability is not necessarily a bar to application or success in this role and all applications are assessed individually.”
  4. Did the Pork win? Also, I’m pretty sure that particular GTE belongs to @Randy.
  5. Your car is going to be a Pork-slaying monster once that lot is fitted!
  6. Bravo73


    “Can someone tell McEnroe that he is meant to leave that behind, please?”
  7. An Aston Vantage? Absolutely. The dealers will be chock full of them before long. They certainly aren’t Pork GT cars. The Valkyrie is a road car. Just.
  8. “Engineered for real drivers”. Sounds familiar… 😂
  9. Bravo73


    Never underestimate the random stuff that I watch on youtoob. Now then, where are my points, please? 🤪
  10. Out of interest, why not just put suitcases/bags etc on the rear seats?
  11. FYI, or can help get past paywalls.
  12. This can only be done via the Lotus Techcentre (or whatever the software is called these days). So, it's a trip to the Dealer/Service Centre, unfortunately.
  13. Bravo73


    ...with 🤫 mode...
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