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  1. Out of interest why are you on the lookout for one? I can't imagine it would be an improvement on your 410?
  2. It was almost too good to be true. Ideally it would be orange but at that price I can compromise The ECU readout shows only 27s above 6500rpm and 0s above 7000rpm and apart from a single stone chip on the bonnet it looks mint. Full 1yr approved used warranty, the only drawback is the £600 Road tax
  3. It's no longer available 😭 - I'm picking it up next Wednesday 😃
  4. Looks like a very keen price for this one. Does anyone have any history on it? 390 FE
  5. Being a private sale my guess is that it would be harder to finance despite the lower asking price. It should be under Lotus warranty so subject to an inspection it could be a bargain.
  6. Wow, you can pick up low mileage Lotus Approved 410s for £70k now and prices are dropping. Plus, with the Final Editions slowly coming up on the used market, that reserve seems very aspirational.
  7. CC seems to be where Targa Florio buy their cars to resell at a markup. It's another useful information point but not definitive.
  8. Does anyone know whose vehicle this is/was? It's a lovely example https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202309152001494
  9. The market seems static at the moment, Bell and Colville have had a white 380 and a blue 350 for 4+ months and 410 prices appear to be dropping. Might just be seasonal, might be something bigger.
  10. Where did you sell it? I haven't seen anything on the market for less than £60k for a while. This is what I'm looking at. It's Approved Used which generally adds £1k https://www.bellandcolvill.co.uk/all-used-cars/used-lotus/lotus-exige-sport-350_lh68agu Dealer says it was a daily commuter for a Surrey high-flyer and the readouts (unseen by me as yet) confirm it wasn't ragged.
  11. Thanks Justin. The dealer has said the ECU shows no signs of tracking or hard launches. What sort of mileage does a clutch manage on a stock 350?
  12. Hi forumistas, I've got my eye on a 2018 350 with over 24k miles on the clock. I haven't seen any with this many miles on so it's difficult to benchmark the £50k asking price. What sort of issues and common wear items should I look out for, or be prepared to repair/replace in the near future?
  13. It certainly is! It's a beauty. May I ask why did you let it go?
  14. Good to read about the history of this fantastic car, thank you. It is absolutely mint and for a collector would undoubtedly be the jewel in the collection. As a side note, my local dealer has stopped responding to my calls since I posted my comment on here, so I might have to go further afield to find a dealer that will take my money. Shame, as they currently have a lovely looking red 350 that ticks all my boxes.
  15. As someone who had to sell the motorbike to keep the other half happy, and has tried to emulate the biker experience ever since, these are pros rather than cons!
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