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  1. Hi Bibs

    Thats me back in thanks for your help.


    Aka hotrodwizard

  2. Hi Pete I've been off the site for a while but very sorry to hear of all your problems!!! I hope this year has started off ok ? I've still one problem to sort but hopefully by March everything should be ok ! All the best Paul
  3. I hope so too !! At least they've said over 25 and a £1500 Deposit !! Plus approx £300 per day !!!!
  4. Probably no different !! The 'N' reg ran from August 95 till July 96 and if I remember correctly it was registered in the Feb of 96 !!! I may still have a copy somewhere ....
  5. They haven't even got the right year of manufacture !! It's a 1996 not a 95 !!
  6. Sorry I didn't put one on !! It's here :- http://www.classiccarhirenorth.co.uk/
  7. Yep it's very sad !! I just keep thinking would I have ever hired it out in order to be able to keep it !! But I just couldn't have done it ! I would rather sell to someone who would hopefully look after it properly than hire it out !! I don't think anyone looks after a hire car like their own !!! I suspect most people on here would feel like that !!
  8. After trawling the Internet browsing at esprits for sale I couldn't believe my eye's when I found my old esprit S4S for hire !! I was glad to see it but not sure how I feel about it being hired out !!! I suppose if it gets more people to appreciate them then that's good !! But I would worry it wouldn't be treated like one of the family like I'd always treated it !! Ie with loving care !!!!!!
  9. Hi I'm afraid I won't be able to make it as I'll be working all that weekend !! But what a great route !! Have fun !!!
  10. Im sorry I didn't min near futuremake but what a great turn out !! I'd have probably sneaked around as well not having a 'proper' car at moment don't feel worthy !!! Hopefully make one in near future !!
  11. How did the Chinese know to search so much further north than everyone else !! unless they have more information and are keeping it to themselves !!! Surely not !!!
  12. Just been on news that a Chinese ship has heard a ' ping ' from the right frequency the black box should be sending on !! So they think they might have found it !!
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