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What Gasket for Manifold Down-pipe to Exhaust Join?

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My recently passed MOT tester advised of a minor leak where the manifold down-pipe joins the custom exhaust fitted to my Non-Turbo Stevens SE Esprit 1988.

It appears that the joint (3 bolts fairly corroded) need to be unbolted and a new gasket, with presumably some exhaust sealant replaced.

Is this the right part suggested on SJS website?

Why does it state 4 per car? would that be the subsequent/other joints on a standard exhaust?

Mine clearly only needs the first join nearest to the manifold replaced, so presumably just 1 gasket required?






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That would be or Steve's alternative. I have one waiting to go on the Excel, still haven't got 'round to it. I'm sure one of the studs will break and turn this into a proper nightmare job...

BTW, the X180 NA is not an SE, that title was reserved for the turbocharged and chargecooled version. 😉


I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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Although tempted to try myself, I'm glad to have used a garage local to me to replace this exhaust gasket.

The studs were stubborn and for Essex based owners, the guys at 'Going Spare' Huttn industrial estate get my praise and recommendation.

All fixed with new studs and gasket ready for spring.

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