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ABS trouble on S2 2zz - Ride/Handling/Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tyres - TLF - Totally Lotus Jump to content


ABS trouble on S2 2zz

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A generic tool might be able to give you the code but it has to be one that'll read airbag and ABS codes. A ebay/cheap one will read engine codes only.

Your dealer will can plug their machine in and it won't take a minute or cost very much, if at all depending on how well you know them. 

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Have you had the battery off at all? If so disconnect it, leave a while and reconnect it. Turn the ignition on and leave it until all but the engine management light goes off before turning the engine over.

Failing that, inspect all 4 plugs at the wheels and the wiring leading to them, there maybe a break in one of the lines.

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Hello guys I have somes news of my reaserch of a diagnostic tool

I have try Autel Maxicom MK808TS  Nothing on lotus (normaly works on all world cars)

and i have try a innova 3160d         Nothing on Lotus    (normaly works on all US car) 

I have send a email to innova to have some explain, normaly the 111r is exactly the same as the Federal 

they answer that I need to check repairSolution.com with a lotus federal VIN ,   I don't have ... if some one could send me one in MP ?

so diagnostic a ABS on S2 111r will be very difficult ...


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Usually a broken wire to a wheel bearing speed sensor.

Can also occur with change of front to rear diameter of wheels.

Occasionally can be displacement of rubber 'O' ring between top and bottom sections of ABS unit, allowing moisture to enter.



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