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Rover wheels on 111r?

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1 hour ago, Blue111R said:

Hello i have a question,do the 6spoke wheels of the standard rover Elise fit on the Toyota Elise?if so are there adjustments that need to be done?i can only find information on how to fit the Toyota wheels on the rover Elise….

It's the opposite of the information you have found.

In short, no it won't work. They will fit the hubs (assuming you are talking about S2 Rover), but the different offset, means they won't fit within the wheel arches.


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8 minutes ago, Blue111R said:

So if the offset is different,is there something to be done about that…?like Maybe Spacers or something for the Toyota Elise?or doesnt it work at all..?

You need a spacer to fit Toyota wheels to a Rover car, so you need the opposite to do the other way.  The only way to do it would be to machine the wheels, but don't expect there is enough meat on them, as you need about 20mm.

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4 minutes ago, DH2 said:

The only way to do it would be to machine the wheels,

I have a set of ZR wheels and have fitted them to an Elan M100 as a  temporary measure, the Elan offset is 60, the ZR wheels are 45 so would need to have 15mm removed to match which would be not possible.

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It is possible. I've done it.

The front rims are identical, the rears have an extra offset of approx 17mm - so the tyres stick out by this amount more than they should.

However this is no great issue - here is a photo of my S3 Toyota Elise with Rover sized rims fitted:



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