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  1. No - however this is a 4WD car so it should be far more stable under burnout conditions… Look at the video again - no way it would head off that sharply purely by grip levels. and if it was due to that, then it’s not very well sorted, regarding handling….
  2. I read that “explanation” and it appears to be complete BS - it bears zero relationship to viewing what happened. the car dived hard right - no driver input other than turning the wheel hard would do that. And in the middle or end of a burnout - why would you do that, rather than leaving the wheel dead straight?
  3. No more V6s for Australia now, I've heard. Only the four pot...
  4. More people have to switch off and get outside for a while, rather than constantly on their phones, looking for the next disaster... 99% of people going to work via public transport that I see are glued to their phones for the entire journey... talk about an unhealthy addiction. Feeling uneasy/stressed/concerned? Just put the phone down, turn of the computer, and go for a walk in the country, away from other people - if possible - for as long as possible... it works!
  5. It's been huge news in Australia for two years now... most consider it costing far too much, with benefits only apparent in decades to come...by which time priorities will have changed.
  6. Yes - but unfortunately the future direction of Lotus is found in their "Vision80" statement: "Transform the brand from a heritage automotive company to an all-electric, intelligent, luxury mobility provider by 2028" Sigh.
  7. Merry Christmas - here in Australia (Brisbane) it's currently 33 degrees Celsius... just a normal Christmas Day... just had a dip in our pool to cool off.
  8. In this increasingly crowded world, do we really need a brand new design that carries just 4 people, yet is 5.1 metres long and weighs at least 2.5 tonnes?
  9. And - importantly - the whole rationale for Fully Self Driving is to be BETTER than a human - NOT about the same as - preferably an order of magnitude better than - so there's no way these car companies are even close (this century)...
  10. Australia: Unleaded 95 is AUD $1.87 per litre today - about 98 pence Diesel is AUD $2.04 per litre - about 1.06 GBP
  11. This depends on the said ev being able to take this level of charging... charge is "pulled", not "pushed". And 635A @ 800V is quite a bit of current to put through cables! (Maybe that's why it is robotic - keep the humans away if it is raining?)
  12. Bit easier to read here: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/jun/03/electric-vehicles-early-adopter-petrol-car-ev-environment-rowan-atkinson
  13. Quote: "...purists may struggle a little bit to grasp, but will allow us to keep making super-high-performance, lightweight cars in the future. And that’s what it’s all about." Seems strange - when their "Vision80" is: "Transform the brand from a heritage automotive company to an all-electric, intelligent, luxury mobility provider by 2028" No mention of "lightweight cars in the future" in Vision80... has something changed?
  14. Is this a joke? As with every other vehicle currently made, the triangle "Points" to the side the filler is on... like an arrow... In addition, the pump icon has the handle and filler on the side the filler is actually on. So this is actually completely correct.
  15. Near major towns - yes. But try spotting one in remote areas - Lofoten Islands for example.... Didn't see a single public charger anywhere.
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