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Community Answers

  1. Sidelight is usually poor connection on the bulb holder or bulb itself. Or if the bulb holder is failed, I think they are available separately. Five minute fix. Dave
  2. Yeah all good here. Busybusy as usual. No worries. The price difference is a bit interesting in this case! Have fun at FoS!
  3. Would you like me to sell you a new one? Got them in stock, should get to you tomorrow with Royal Mail. They are easy to do on the Exige. Lotus price, eyewatering. Real world price, less so. Dave
  4. I believe it is the same 6422 system as used on the Elise of same era. The only way to program a touch key on the 6422 alarm is to use a Cobra "Jolly" Programmer tool plugged into the alarm module. Unfortunately, Jolly programmers are like hens-teeth, I've been looking (very occasionally) for years. Lotus themselves don't have one any longer. Dave
  5. You will experience an amount of cycling in the air temp entering the cabin, as the compressor will switch on and off based on the evaporator temperature.
  6. Evaporator thermostat in the heater box. Not sure you can get to it on the V6 with the front clamshell on. You can live view the evaporator temperature via Lotus diagnostic tool, which should confirm if that is the issue, before pulling the car apart. Dave
  7. Haven't physically checked, but apparently we have 11 stud carriers in stock. Dave
  8. Just based on experience of the number of them I've seen / repaired over the years. Maybe not "obviously", rather more "very highly likely". I was just providing a bit of balance from the other side of the fence - not a dig at you, it was just all getting a bit 'write a letter of complaint', which seems a little premature based on the info provided.
  9. Putting the pitch forks down for a sec, I'd say the reasonable thing to do would be to have a grown up conversation with them. It was obviously on the verge of failure, these things don't just break in single use of the window, it's been waiting to happen. So I'd say an agreement on rectification would be fair - for example, you pay the parts, I'll do the job, and would you like us to do the other door glass at the same time before it fails on you?
  10. There are three stud carriers bonded to the bottom edge of the glass, that then secure the glass to the window regulator mechanism. If/when they come unstuck, the glass can have a party around. I'd bet this is what has happened. It's quite common. Dave
  11. It is most likely the clips have come unstuck from the glass. You need to take the glass out and either rebond them, or bond some new ones. Don't think it's a write-off just yet.
  12. Ah the SBAF is different. That explains it. Yeah non-starter that would be. As you say, you could put the seats in there, but not the belts.
  13. I thought/hoped that the factory had homogenised production parts where possible. There certainly isn't a different partial body (chassis) part listed for +2 or +0. Prototype on the logbook 🙄 Another car that fell out the back door!
  14. Cables and routing improved on the OEM shifter, not just the lever end of things.
  15. The module itself is £32.46+VAT. I would probably allow a couple of hours labour time fitting, for careful remove and refit of the steering cowl, dash binnacle, RH side sill, and RH A-pillar trims. We are currently £65+VAT per hour. Drop us an email via sales@hangar111.com if you would like to arrange. Dave
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