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How to post images and image dimension rules


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I remember someone posting an image once, and the site they linked to changed

the image to one of a man holding his todger.


I remember that as well! Great way to get your own back!

Thanks Eddie.

Possibly save your life. Check out this website. https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/mens-cancer



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Hotlinked images accounts for about 5 - 10GB of LET's monthly bandwidth. There are plenty of large images of Esprits and Supercars on LET and 100s of forums every month hotlink to those images, using up GBs of bandwidth, which costs a lot of money.

Type "Lotus" into Google images and you'll see a rendering of the new white Lotus Esprit at the bottom of the page. That image has been hotlinked from LET on to a car blog. When you click on the image in Google, it directs you to the blog, not LET, yet the blog uses LET's bandwidth to host the image. That image was clicked on 1000's of times last month. I email the Owner of the blog, asking them to remove it but they ignored me.

I don't really mind hotlinking that much, but when people take the piss like that I object, so I've had to put hotlink protection on now :). The only site that can still hotlink to LET is LEF.

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Sorry folks - I posted some oversize images yesterday - won't do it again...

1983 Turbo Esprit - Silver - 'Lottie' and 1999 Elise - Norfolk Mustard - 'Liz' Daily driver - 286,000 miles and counting!

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I have some problems to upload images. The image is small size "768x675" 138kb but I'm still getting

"Attachment space used 21.96MB of 9.77MB

Upload failed. The file was larger than the available space"????


Jukka Angerpuro

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I think that you should delete your old attachments. Seems that 9.77 MB is maximum size.

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Each member is allowed 10mb (well, 9.77) on the LEF server. Times that by our 4,000 members then that's 4gb if everyone used it, and in hosting terms that's a hefty amount of space to take up on a server which equals

For forum issues, please contact the Moderators.

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Well. I should have read this a long time ago! :welcome: anyhow.. here's the problem... the pictures that I've uploaded are gone now. So, my 88 esprit rebuild thread is missing a lot of pictures... is there a way to recover them? or do I have to upload everything to photobucket and re-edit the entire thread?

P.S. I'll be sure to re-size from here on!

Modifying esprit's.. now that's fun..

PS... I AM NOT A CERTIFIED MECHANIC.. I Have chosen to help those in need, in the past and must not be construed as being a certified technician.

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Due to a spate of members recently posting huge images there is now a limit on image sizes which will be enforced by myself and the moderating team.

Please do not post images bigger than 800x600, larger images will be removed.

Most image hosting sites offer a facility to resize images either at upload or once hosted. Please take advantage of this.

Thanks for your help :)

A gentle reminder. There have been a few more oversize pictures cropping up lately, possibly some of our newer members are unaware of the size limits for images? Some people are still on dial up, and it really affects their enjoyment of LEF.

Anyone with queries about how to achieve these limits with their photos, there's a lot of help above.




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