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  1. That looks great fun. I've always loved XJS's since I was a kid, but it's difficult finding a good one. One day I'll buy one. Oh yes it will happen.
  2. Not bad for white goods.
  3. Wow, you've got a S300! That's the holy grail IMO. A very very special car indeed. Good luck with your hunt for an S350.
  4. Wow that's a horrendous sum! There I was feeling sorry for myself but not so bad now . So over there the only Lotus you can drive without being clobbered is an Elise? The Mustang manual is a truly horrendous thing. The gear change is short and notchy, the yanks are much better at autos. I haven't tried it in the V8 but the manual is enough to put you off driving the car.
  5. 100% agree. We are getting fed a whole lot of EV propaganda by the Government and media at the moment. Are they naive enough to think China / India and other developing nations are going to follow our lead. China are increasing their number of coal burning power stations (belching out huge amounts of C02 into the atmosphere) so they can make more "environmentally friend" EV's to sell to us. Total lunacy, you couldn't make it up. power continues to expand,previously shelved projects were revived.
  6. Yes agree, 3 V8s here. Net Zero can go and fcuk itself.
  7. I can't wait for 2050 when were are 100% Net Zero. I'm doing my bit, we've all got one common goal.
  8. 🤣 Yes school boy error. Car tax on the V8 is £700 so I thought I could do it on the cheap. So I’ve got 3 V8’s now. I’m off Greta’s Christmas card list.
  9. What ever you do, don't do what I did and get the Ecoboost Mustang, I thought I was being clever as it's cheaper to run as a daily. The engine is thrashy and absolute bollocks and the manual is notchy and vague. I've got rid of it after a week and bought this instead, a V8 auto. I'm poorer but much happier!
  10. Yes, he's been selling Esprit's for a very long time. I spoke to him when I bought my Esprit Turbo back in 2002 and he gave me some useful advice about what to buy and what to avoid. I vaguely seem to remember his name is Mark.
  11. Bought this today as a daily driver / family car. Was looking at an Evora but couldn't fit my 6ft son and daughter in the back, so got this instead. They just about fold in the back .
  12. The US is a great holiday. Getting a Charger / Challenger will be superb fun and the fuel is cheaper over there. We did a few trips. 1982 - Road trip: Boston, New England. New York, Washington DC, Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Salt Lake City, Washington State, Oregon, Chicago, Vancouver Island, Toronto and lots more. 1986 - Road Trip: Visiting almost every state. 2003 - Road Trip: LA, Las Vegas, Monument Valley, Tombstone, Mexicali, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree. 2018 - Road trip in V8 Mustang: Orlando, Miami, Keys, Naples, Tampa. All wonderful memories. I hope you have a great time .
  13. Looks like it needs a respray with heavy stone chips and clear coat lifting in various places. And a bit rusty underneath. But still a bargain at it's current £18k. Ending today.
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