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On 03/07/2022 at 20:43, Tony4147 said:

What tyres are owners recommending for V6S Cup, currently Trofeo R fitted but Pirelli have informed me that they are no longer manufacturing the fronts, Cup2 seem to be practically impossible to get hold off at the moment, recommendations?
Mainly road use with the odd track day 

Yokohama Advan A052 all around. Or A052 on front and Trofeo R on rear end. However, Trofeo R it almost impossible to warm up the Trofeo R on an Exige.

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On 14/03/2021 at 07:09, 550superfast said:

No.        Year       Colour                               Owner


006        2013      Monaco White                  Simon Robinson


011        2013      Carbon Grey                     Jim Chan


013        2013      Pewter Grey                      Messer


021        2013      Pewter Grey                      chumaxa / xav


027        2013      Carbon Grey                     ex Patrick Kestemont


029        2014      Solar Yellow                      Simon / C1RVY


030        2013      Motorsport Green            Maldsley


034        2013      Chrome Orange                Nano


040        2013      Burnt Orange                    Drumzz


051        2014      Pewter Grey                      Farook


059        20??       Monaco White                 Van der Koiii Sportscars


060        2014      Solar Yellow                      Mike and Ike!


061        2014      Chrome Orange                Jack


069        2014      Nightfall Blue                    Waky


078        2014      Toxic Green                       Tony4147      


079        2014      Gulf Blue                           RobbieB


082        2014      Black Edition                     Bassman


083        2015      Silver                                 Morgan park Hamburg


090        2014      Burnt Orange                    Schnitzel 


093        2014      Carbon Grey                     JJD

094        2015      Black Edition                     For sale Collecting cars March 2021


095        2014      Black Edition                     Black Knight


096        2014      Isotop Green                     bruno350s     


099        2014      Monaco White                  550superfast


112        2015      Black Edition                     mcx


120        2015      Signature Orange             OrangeExige


123        2015      Elise Grey                          Glynnsport


124        2015      Black Edition                     nw942


128        2016      Metallic White                  GRP / Greg


138        2015      Canyon Red                      Arun_D


139        2016      Silver                                 Mark Williams



I took delivery of Schnitzels old Orange Cup today. 😁👋

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It’s still got the 380 exhaust. The induction kit has been removed but came with the car. Apparently it was throwing up faults….

When you say you know the car….how well? I am trying to find out a little history on it. Especially from around 2016/2017. 😁

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Yeap I know:) It's not the Alias23 at fault here, it's the combo of the 380 exhaust and induction, the car used to work absolutely fine with the kit on and before the loud exhaust was fitted. A very good friend bought this back in beginning of 2018 (or end of 17 I can't exactly remember), a true petrolhead and enthusiast, loves his cars so the car has been looked after and driven as intended. Not sure on history before him though.

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I don’t suppose anyone has @farook or @Mark Allin  contact details? Alternatively I can give you mine and you could pass them on if you’re not comfortable passing them to me. 

I’m just trying to get a bit of background on my car, which I know they owned previously. I have messaged them on here but they haven’t been active for a while unfortunately. 


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