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  1. Hi All Look what turned up overnight on my driveway, and its winking at me, here we go again
  2. PNM kit arrived, found some 6mm ball joints from RS components £15 for 4 these look more robust so have fitted these instead, will monitor wear, and carry the spare joints in the car Just in case, set up as in manual, I now have 5 gears and reverse, movement has reduced and can change up and down at high revs, happy days, still think it can be improved so will look at front linkage when I refurb interior over the winter
  3. Oh looks great, same as mine from a distance, hope to see it next time, and get them together
  4. Translator shaft now sleeved and the sleeve welded to the end with the flange, also replaced keyway and circlip that were missing from the end of shaft, the original shaft and flange are blazed so careful when welding or the heat will cause the parts to separate, and lose alignment cheers Steve
  5. Hi Guys missed Sundays meet, gear change failure on Friday, made a brief visit to the hard shoulder, anyway did MIke bring his Silver SE if so wish I popped down instead of drowning my sorrows Saturday night at a 40th knees up, hopefully see you all and the SE next time cheers Steve
  6. Ordered PNM kit today, then cut luggage tray in half to get easy access to translator, 4 rose joints shot also I have the cross shaft support bearing which was seized solid in its bracket and very loose on cross shaft and also the bracket was loose should i get a new bearing or upgrade to cross shaft sleeve, also not sure what gear I was in when I removed translator, do I need to be in neutral to install new kit if so how do I find neutral? Twist push pull until I find it? Can't wait to drive with slick great change though Cheers Steve
  7. Had a visit to the hard shoulder today due to rose joint failure during gear change, managed to get the car into 3rd gear and got off the hard shoulder and to work, now wired the rose joint together temporarily to get home now have reverse 2nd and 4th, what luxury, anyway PNM, SJs and esprit engineering do kits any thoughts on which is best value/best fit cheers Steve
  8. Hi it is an anti corrosion layer and will rub off as soon as brakes applied, I assume you bought the rear SE discs, if so same as mine cheers Steve
  9. Dare I say Banana sandwich, what a great meeting place, great to meet Andy and Garry, enjoyed talking esprits, i have a bit of work to do to bring mine up to scratch, looking forward to Castle Combe, cheers Steve
  10. Hope to be there also, look out for a silver SE cheers Steve
  11. Got a new stat, it has 1 hole in it with a brass rivet flattened on one end, so it moves in the hole, I have removed this as it might work loose one day, hole is approx 1/16 inch, anyway placed the new one in boiling water, as I have previously bought stats that did not open even when new, this one opened up lovely, tested the one with the 2 off 6mm holes in boiling water, it eventually opened slightly but nowhere near as far as the new one, anyway installed new stat, jacked rear of car up, filled with coolant, ran car topping up as necessary, replaced cap and watched the temp gauge rise to 82 degrees, it stayed there for a while, the started to rise again, by this time inlet and outlet on radiator were hot, when temp reached 95 degrees fans cut in and reduced temp to 90 degrees, so happy days, not driven car yet, be interesting to see what temp is achieved on motorway
  12. Had a good look at thermostat it is made in England wax stat it has the words flow and an arrow adjacent to one of the holes, this hole has been opened up and another hole added, agree makes no sense apart from maybe a safety device if the stat fails?
  13. Just removed the thermostat, it has 2 off holes drilled in it, both are 6mm diameter, put the stat in boiling water, no movement so the water has been passing through the 2 holes, just as we'll or I guess I would have overheated
  14. Drove home, heater on hot and fan going keeps temp at about 95 but turn to cold and temp goes up to 99 maybe more dont want to chance it, refurbished the radiators a few months ago, so seems like thrermostat especially as when heater is on the car cools down a bit, any tips as I do not want to snap the bolts off, will spray with plus gas etc, fingers crossed, also don't want coolant all over my cambelt what's the easiest way to partially drain system just enough to change the thermostat
  15. Drove to work today temp gauge usually goes to approx 98 degrees then drops back to 94 degrees after fans cut in, warm day today,also found a tiny leak from small hose that joins water pump to solid curved pipe, anyway today 100 degrees but not into the red I think fans cut in but then on motorway stayed. At 99 degrees I was expecting it to drop,then turned heater to hot and fan on and the temperature instantly dropped to 95degrees got to work 98 degrees, checked levels all ok, could the leak have created an air lock, don't have freescan, what else can I do as a quick check as I am hoping its the gauge/sensor
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