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  1. He's right, the Emira doesn't have a bad angle at all. I love that colour and spec and it would be my choice too, if only I could afford one! Maybe one day...
  2. It would be kinda funny if the crims get any money they receive taken away from them as it's considered gains from criminal activity. On the other hand it could set a precedent - more scum will attempt more crime with the notion that if attacked at harmed in the process they will get a pay out either way. With the cost of living crisis more people are becoming desperate and turning to more illegal means and the policing and judiciary system at the moment just isn't worthy or capable to provide an adequate deterrent.
  3. My god, that looks horrendous. It's as if a Mini, a Fiat 500 and Nissan Juke had a threesome. They'll sell thousands.
  4. I had to change back, the yellow on the black was a bit jarring!
  5. Much prefer the darker theme but there are a few areas of text that become almost invisible, mainly the footer,
  6. This popped up on my youtube feed. Probably posted before but damn it's interesting!
  7. The thought of that falling off would drive me up the wall.
  8. For me it had to be removing the exhaust manifold with the engine in-situ. Replacing a fuel tank, water pump or timing belt are all a breeze compared to that job! The one job I've found impossible so far is deciding to sell it.
  9. Alright, own up! Who's hacked @C8RKH account?
  10. You'd think so right?! I was just happy the other work was done and the paperwork was all stapled together so a verbal confirmation was enough for me. Learned a few lessons that day; always check the paperwork and that even main dealers can be a bit shit.
  11. It does happen and sometimes it's no fault of the owner. For example my BMW (pure coincidence, honest!) was in for a service and MOT and at the paying and handing back part I asked if it had passed okay with no problems. The muppet with the suit on said it was all okay, so I paid and left. 6 months later when it came time to tax it I discovered it had no MOT, the imbeciles at the BMW main dealer didn't do the MOT at all. I had been driving up and down the country blissfully aware, until I wasn't.
  12. Slammed cars always remind me of dogs who's hind legs have given up.
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