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  1. So glad it was rebuilt. I'm sure it remains one of the most spectacular on-offs of an Elise that we will ever see. Though I expect that it would be a real challenge to handle on any real race track, probably rendering it slower than one would think.
  2. I have the EX460 on my Exige 350 based model. Over 50.000 kms and not a single engine issue (I did break the differential once, but that is another story). The EX475/EX495 are just the adaptation for the later, larger supercharger. They are basically the same kits. Daniel has been very reluctant to go above 500 HP because of the gearbox, which is the weakest link (see my differential). Above 500 you'll generally need either a sequential gearbox, or the dual clutch from Komotec or JUBU.
  3. I think that is a fitting association and shows that the Egyptians already knew how healing a Lotus can be.
  4. I was just thinking the other day that Geely has actually already delivered on Danny's promise of 5 new cars. As per now we got: The Evija supercar The Emira The Eletre The Emeya and the Type 66 And at least 2 more are already promissed. Who would have thought...
  5. These look great. Which seats are these (and where did you get them)? I haven't seen them before.
  6. Need the get the charge cooler first! It's a bit of a challenge as Daniel doesn't have time and I haven't yet found anyone else to hepl me.
  7. The initial shakedown became quit a wonderfull trip. After picking the car up at Ramspott Brandt on Agust 21, in the following wo weeks I completed the round as noted above. Note that along the way we created the new Thom Player Special Team Lotus From there I headed sowuth-west to the Champagne, my wife joining me there. 5 days sipping Champagne, 3 days Chablis and one day in Beaune later we joined the Club Lotus France Esprit d'Aventure, collecting 25 different Esprit for 3 days of driving and talking. The Esprit 450 TPS was the star of the meet. All in all we completed 3.500 km by the time we got home a week ago. Aside of a small clutch leack (which left us stranded one morning) the car performed excellently. Nonetheless there is still a long list of niggles to fix in the next weeks.
  8. I found this "gem" in the Service manual: Fuel Filler Flaps Note that on V8 models prior to VIN T 5105, pressing either end of the fuel filler flap switch (located in the tunnel top tray) will open both filler flaps. After this changepoint, each flap will be released only when that side of the switch is pressed. Seems a useless inconvenience and mine is obviously before thatVIN. Does anyone know what was changed afterwards? I can't find anything in the wiring or parts diagrams.
  9. We've made it! still some small niggles to sort, but right now nothing to keep us from celebrating the project completion.
  10. She is on the road (at last). Picked her up on Monday at Ramspott & Brandt for her first drive. They did a great job fixing the basics and an even better job with the gearbox and turbos. Thanks to the ECU race chip and all she is now making around 450 HP. A bit of fiddling by Komotec with the ride height and some geo setting yesterday and the new wheels are no longer scraping. Interior was detailed today, looking as god as new. Incredible how much dirt can hide in leather and carpets. Adding lightness by cleaning. Next up is rejoining the wing club, i.e. fitting the custom high wing. Thne up to the foiler for the design and PPF.
  11. Have we read anywhere that Caterham has recently received any major inestments or been bought by somebody with the money to fund such a car? I'm sure it will take a few hundred million pounds to develop and build the assembly line, considering they won't be able to build this in the same shed as the Seven.
  12. I know this was posted somewhere ese, but maybe it warrants its own thread. The renowned museum of Lotus and Jim Clark miniatures Lotus Museum (Little) in the South of France is up for sale. My good friend and nearby neighbour, Marc is selling the complete inventory as he is downscaling his life in retirement. It's a unique collection of cars and memorabilia that should not go lost.
  13. I've put my old Lotus Esprit V8 Tail Light Assemblies up for sale. These assemblies are evidently no longer available. They have been coated at one time, rendering them not roadworthy in Germany. Nonetheless, considering the lack of avalability I prefer to put them up here for reuse by anyone who may be looking for them.
  14. Lotus does seem to have done a few 75th anniversary events in China. They are obviously pushing the ELETRE very heavily for the Chinese market. And what better way to introduce a seemingly "new" brand than to fokus on its 75 year history.
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