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  1. Thanks. My car is a standard set up 400. The thing that has me confused is why there is no mention of it being out of alignment at an MOT. I’m wondering whether what is lighting up the road signs and opposing traffic is simply glare rather than beam. I’ll double check according to manuals.
  2. I’ve not had any problems at MOT time but since I’ve owned my car, it’s felt like the headlight aim is a bit high. I occasionally get oncoming traffic flash their lights too. Any ideas as to whether this is a headlight design issue or an adjustment issue (notwithstanding that MOT has never mentioned it). Cheers.
  3. Cable ties are essential. You mentioned you added an extra one. The general approach is like this.
  4. I put a deposit on an Emira 2 days after the Goodwood launch. Cancelled it 20 months later after driving one. Couldn’t realistically see it as a big enough step forward from the Evora and in terms of practicality it was retrograde. I likened it to someone ditching their wife for a younger woman. It may be all shiny and new for a while but then after the gloss has faded, it’s all very much the same - and they are significantly lighter in the pocket.
  5. Thank you for sharing this. Look forward to hearing more about your experiences with these changes..
  6. When you strip it all away the cabin of the Evora is effectively a composite bath tub with the acoustic qualities to match so it’s not surprise it’s a bit boomy. It’ll take some doing to reduce this but why not try? I have used (off Amazon) Canopus sound deadening material on the inside of my doors and the sub enclosure. It’s self adhesive and easy to work with. I wouldn’t know if it’s the best on the market but it did the job for what o was after. I’d say that under the back seat and behind it would be a good place to start. Then the floors, underseats and doors etc. in terms of weight, it is around 4kg for every 10sq ft. I get the comments about weight but I’m 72kg, and no one seems to suggest that a driver who is 80kg makes a substantial difference to a car and if it’s that much of an issue one can leave a couple of gallons of fuel out to balance it out Besides, having the weight at floor level would reduce the centre of gravity by a fraction of an inch to compensate. The only thing is that if you do this and don’t like it, it will be a pig to unstick it all. I really wouldn’t fancy that job.
  7. Currently in South Africa and wondered what the local market was like for Lotus cars. There are currently 5 for sale. An Elan, 2 dubious looking non badged Sevens (ie kit cars) and 2 Emiras. Here’s one of the Emira’s - current exchange rate is around 23 rand to the pound, so north of £100k being asked. Cars here are definitely more expensive than in the UK but this is really big money!
  8. Suggest you also research the insurance aspects carefully. A few years back I was looking to retrofit cruise control to an older car and the insurance companies didn’t like the idea of such mods.
  9. Those pressures sound v high, certainly compared to the specification for Michelin PSS on the 400. I’m wondering whether there’s a different pressure that works better for the Contis than what the original spec tyres were for the S. Could that make a difference?
  10. Yes this sounds pretty crappy. I can’t escape the thought that it’s a manufacturers warranty and not a dealers warranty. If it was built in September and not sold until let’s say a year later, why would that be that down to the manufacturer? Hopefully, the issues you have are more niggly than serious.
  11. I agree with you @Bibs. Something looked very wrong there. Fortunately, I don’t have a habit of pouring sand in my engine, and I don’t drive in the Sahara with the oil cap off so I should be safe with an OE filter.
  12. I’d normally expect a clutch that’s on its last legs to slip, but as @LotusFella said, it looks like it’s not the only reason they may need changing. My 400 is on 36k miles and whilst it’s not slipping, I’m interested in finding out more generally - hearing about clutches going at anything under 40/50k miles is a worry.
  13. What was the main symptom you experienced - was it slipping?
  14. Hi. Mines a 400 but I think they are the same. The surround to the head unit unclips. There are no screws but the clips are pretty strong. There are 4 clips - 2 on the top and two on the bottom. Run your fingers along the bottom rear edge of the surround and you’ll get a feel for how to pull it towards you. You need to pull hard and you will go ouch (tops of fingers) when it releases but nothing too bad. Then gently encourage the top clips to release. Then it’s 4 cross head screws and that should be it.
  15. Very funny. I actually edited my comment to add the “any other colour bit” 😂. Anyway, I guess grey it is then. Great colour too by the way 😉
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