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  1. Totally agree Aston have come a long way in the last few years, it’s a stunning looking car and more than enough power, the latest infotainment is class leading, competitive on priced in this segment of the market. If this was lotus going down this route with powerful ICE engines instead of the EV tunnel sure it would make members of this forum much happier.
  2. Yes Phil it was definitely a potential purchase always had a soft spot for the Type 25 430. But after driving the car you forgot how raw this lotus platform can be and decided that my old bones could not take the punishment anymore lol.
  3. Not sure what your issue is with Lewis?, sure you would have not come out with the same comment if it was Max that was highlighted in Pete’s previous post. You seem to be one of the very few that are being negative about his move to Ferrari, good for the sport definitely unless you can tell me different?
  4. Congratulations Phil that looks amazing, hopefully see you and the car on a MLOC run soon, the colour is fantastic, would be interesting how many left the factory in that colour combination. As for your question on the decals, never been a fan always thought the looked they looked like Halfords aftermarket stickers. To be honest they look ok against the grey paint and on limited run car buyers will want to purchase a car as close to OEM in the future.
  5. You must be happy watching a other team trailing around at the back of the field, Andretti have never built there own IndyCar like the other teams buy them of the self so a bit of a tall order to build a competitive F1 car, look at the last team to join F1 Haas 10years ago it’s not gone that good for them. It’s the commercial rights holder Liberty Media and yes it’s a American company, who decides who can have a new entry not the teams.
  6. Not a car I recognise from MLOC jollies.Previous Exige 240 owner and possibly my favourite Lotus to date. Fantastic cars.
  7. That’s just rude, talk about being a north and south divide. We from the north find it hard to translate a southern ascent but don’t need to make an issue out it.
  8. It’s about time the FIA got their house in order. It was an unbelievable the amount of time it took the stewards to give mad Max his time penalty. Should have been a simple give the place back in the first few laps. Don’t know way but Red Bull seem to have FIA in there pocket and it’s no better under there current Arab President Bid Sulayem it’s about time we had someone like David Richards was in this role who would I am sure would be totally independent. Max has history in his aggressive moves that he as never been given a penalty for. He as gone under the radar in the last few seasons with having such a dominant car that he as not have to show his true nature in being a bad sports person and not a very nice person and having the backing from Mr Horner the same sort of person (Toxic) does not help. A similar move below that no penalty was given where a driver was robbed of a drivers world championship in a year that some even more corrupt decisions where made by FIA and there stewards in the last race of the season.
  9. Citroen SM for me closely followed by the Detomaso Pantera.
  10. Looks like Geely are the favourites to purchase Aston F1, could the Lotus name be back in F1 🤷
  11. Race stewards decided no further investigation into the incident, something you used to like to point out on the numerous occasions when Max used to run Lewis off the road or even worse crash into him. Pot calling the Kettle black?
  12. 60k unsold. No surprise there unless the owner needs the money.
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