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  1. mike_sekinger's post in Cam belt schedule? was marked as the answer   
    The original UK owners manual states 36K miles or 3 yrs. There was a Service Bulletin in late 2000 that recommended the interval be reduced to 24K miles. This was not changed for the US market due to legislative requirements - but the whole cambelt servicing for US cars was done differently.
    The 102K miles/8 yrs is for the fuel filter

  2. mike_sekinger's post in a new member needs help, V8 goes out, pump always runs was marked as the answer   
    @Thomas Siegert If you send me your external email, I can send you the diagrams you need.
  3. mike_sekinger's post in Blocking Camshaft followers (tappets) was marked as the answer   
    I doubt that there is anything wrong with the tappets. When `hard` it means that they are pressurised with oil.  The `soft` tappets are free of oil.  When re-installing used tappets, you will have a mixed bag of pressurised and empty tappets.
  4. mike_sekinger's post in Toolkit was marked as the answer   
  5. mike_sekinger's post in Momo steering wheel rim diameter was marked as the answer   
    The cross section of the steering wheel is not round -  it is slightly oval.
    The measurement as you request it is a fraction less than 30mm
    Measurement back to front is 35mm
  6. mike_sekinger's post in Oil level was marked as the answer   
    The measurement from the top of the locknut to the bottom of the dipstick tube is exactly 110mm.  There was a special Engineering tool for setting the depth and it is specified in one of the manuals.

  7. mike_sekinger's post in Oil cooling was marked as the answer   
    Hi Alan,
    The filter housing does not contain any thermostatic flow control.

    I've not heard of anyone fitting one.  I always bypass the oil coolers when starting-up a fresh engine, but that's just for speeding up establishment of the oil pressure and not normal running of the engine.
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