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  1. There are folks that have used water/methanol injection very successfully to combat high inlet temps. Jason Suttle in the US used it on his higher compression 918 engine and made a lot of power. On the 918, the trick seems to be to avoid going too heavy on the flow rate and only start to progressively bring in the foggers from about 7psi. It would be useful to consider some kind of IAT gauge when setting up the system.
  2. @ianeldy Your gorgeous S300 was the previously rebuilt lime green one, right. So nice to see it back in the Norfolk Yellow. Good luck with your hunt for a S350.
  3. The 2002 V8 is also missing the later style fibreglass and rubber front lip. Only the rubber part is present...
  4. Hand laid bottom half. The lower half is really quite thin in places.
  5. Yes, that is right. You can see it on the paperwork that I shared. It doesn`t have the lightweight body of the S350 or the carbon interior parts.
  6. This is not a genuine Sport350, but a V8-GT with cosmetic bits added. I had a lengthy exchange with the vendor when it was first advertised.
  7. I will be leaving Germany at the end of December and will really struggle to take the car with me. Having advertised the car some weeks ago, I find myself needing to move faster than planned. I am very motivated to find a buyer asap, so if there is any interest please PM me and let`s see if we can do a deal.
  8. I have re-used in the past Steve. Torque it to spec. and bring a check of that bolt into your routine annual servicing.
  9. The alignment plate simulates the bearing support from the front cover so that there can be no bearing nip when setting the chain tensioning.
  10. mike_sekinger


    It is amazing to hear that people still spend tons of money with PUK.
  11. The cambelt story for the US market was weird. I think that the dealerships ended-up taking a big hit related to belt changes due to the overly long service interval that was mandated. Clearly the belts themselves were never intended for that tour of duty.
  12. Why does this late S4s have the earlier chargecooler design?
  13. The original UK owners manual states 36K miles or 3 yrs. There was a Service Bulletin in late 2000 that recommended the interval be reduced to 24K miles. This was not changed for the US market due to legislative requirements - but the whole cambelt servicing for US cars was done differently. The 102K miles/8 yrs is for the fuel filter
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