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  1. I quite like it! The wheels do look like an old TV test card, but you have to love the tip of the hat to the 5 Turbo, in the whole back 3/4 area
  2. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but it wasn’t a good feeling watching the new Top Gear (now the old Top Gear… again) wreck a lovely bronze coloured one.
  3. Was just looking at production figures and to be frank, with over 9000 Europa’s to less than 200 Matras, and scarcely over 50 De Tomaso Vallelungas, the Lotus really is the first mass produced mid engine imo
  4. Some say the Europa was the first mid engined proper production car, but that accolade goes to the Djet 😎
  5. Really cool find, Fil. I’d love a Bagheera or a Murena. How bad is the rust?
  6. Hope you’re up and running soon!
  7. Turns out it was Every Which Way But Loose, and I had the bus bit wrong. This scene at about 2:00 mins, he makes a point of looking at the BB . . .
  8. Clint Eastwood had a dark coloured one, amongst other Ferraris, and used to park it in the background of scenes in movies. Intentionally. Can’t think of any movie names now but remember a scene where he’s getting on a Greyhound bus and the BB is in the background.
  9. He’s a great guy named Spencer Canon, look him up on Instagram. It was his Esprit that was also featured on Petrolicious…
  10. If you ever wondered about the parts commonality between an early Esprit and an Ascona or Manta, form what I can tell the front suspension components are almost identical on a Manta (Cavalier) A. There’s some evidence of commonality with Manta B in the latest video, too…
  11. @Fridge Your question is the big one, has anyone actually ever seen an LT551 or LT558? As per my original post, Motorola themselves have no record of having provided these [or any other model] to Lotus. Yet Andy Graham at Lotus finds factory fit Motorola units listed in the build records for some cars. @Paul Coleman Philips units in early cars isn't in dispute. Far as I'm aware, those are well documented. There seems to be a distinction made here between the Motorola and Sharp units. The latter evidently were dealer fit, while the former were [if the Lotus records are correct] factory fit items. There was a little ray of light above when @Matt-watts and Jake went through their box of head units and came up with a Motorola unit [above] that it's possible was a factory fit. But sods law the model number seems to have been rubbed off the label!
  12. Not sure how I missed it but came across this TLF thread [about Viper green] while researching further.
  13. It's only £18 or £24 per year for membership depending on where you are, which, if you've seen some of the annual fees for other websites [without the literal hive of knowledge that TLF has], is an absolute steal. Looking at it from an altruistic point of view, aside from helping fund a true resource, it's a tiny amount to donate so that your real world knowledge and experience helps others. hard sell deactivated* And yes we know Dave, you're a TNG
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