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  1. Hello good people of Lotus wedgie land, Haven't been around on here for a while and more importantly - I haven't done anything further with the Elite since 2018 (for a multitude of reasons). I have very sadly come to the hard decision that she has to be moved on to someone who wants a restoration project to complete. Have a look through this thread to see what's what but in essence you are looking at a complete car (in various bits), a load of spares (including a replacement windscreen - that was new from Lotusbits a few years ago that has been in the house ever since), she sits on a galvanised chassis and has only done 39k miles. The engine isn't seized but hasn't been run for many years. Before I put this on ebay - if anyone is interested in discussing or coming to have a look let me know. I will be very negotiable on price - I want her restored by someone with the time and ability (that sadly I no longer have). Please reply here or DM me - if I don't hear from anyone, I will be listing on fleabay in July after I return from a trip. Take care guys and hope to hear from someone 🤞 Cheers Ant
  2. Mike, I also found a small transmission scissor lift was a good idea but it is still better if you can get someone to help. You say you need to replace the adjuster lever - have you sourced a replacement? I had to replace one of mine and had a devil of a job finding a replacement - in the end I found one (remanufactured) for a 3.0ltr Ford Capri was the same (if I recall) - in reality it does fit but I think it is minutely different so was tricky to fit. It was bloody expensive though and quite rare. Good luck
  3. Just been reading your rebuild of the Elite re: braided fuel lines from tank to engine and the fact that they're larger diameter than the original lines. I guess the openings need enlarging to cope. Can you tell me how many holes need enlarging and where are they positioned on the chassis. Thanks if you can help.


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    2. Howard Cox

      Howard Cox

      Thanks very much for the update. As I’m having fuel supply problems and replacing the Flowlock etc I thought I’d replace the lines with E10 braided. I assume this can all be done with engine/box/prop in place. 

      cheers, much appreciated

    3. oilmagnet477


      Hi Howard - happy to help and I hope it does!

      I found that you need to remove the prop shaft and the diff has to come out or at least be dropped to do this - this is the cause of my pain and why I have walked away (added financial constraints haven't helped either!) I have got the diff back in (having replaced the diff output bearings and brakes etc) but now whenever I bolt up the drivers side drive shaft onto the inboard brake drum, the wheel seizes up - it has done my head in several times! I think it is all there in the thread but I'm pretty sure you will struggle to replace the fuel pipe with the prop in place - once unbolted from the diff (and the diff moved) the prop shaft just slides out of the gearbox - that was the easiest bit! Whereabouts are you in the UK (I assume!)



    4. Howard Cox

      Howard Cox

      Barry in South Wales.

  4. you are not a number, you are a free man!
  5. @C8RKH Why do you think we now live in Norfolk (although to be fair I was born and grew up locally!). Parts of the North are just as bonkers. We moved from the Ilkley area as we couldn't afford to locally upgrade. Life without motorways and Cities full of people has much to recommend it.
  6. Have the Bakers branched out to keep going?
  7. Andy, I can't disagree with the general sentiment of your argument but, as one person (and family) massively impacted by having my Mother In Law living on site, I have a slightly different perspective! I don't for 1 minute think the current system is working and in many cases provides very poor care for 'customers'. I don't think that your suggested solution deals with the main crux of the issue. Why is the provision of all elderly care once again the responsibility of the Government? Many of the elderly that are now requiring care have grown up through a period of massive wealth growth, a beneficial tax regime that supported house ownership, supported 'normal' families with Married persons tax benefits (which are pretty much now unobtainable to all but the lowest paid). They also, in large part, benefited from a time when their parents didn't live as long and therefore weren't in need of such long term care. Yes, there will ALWAYS be those in need who aren't able to provide for themselves but what we need in this Country is a root and branch change in philosophy. Largely, ambition and aspiration have become dirty words and there is also now a massive level of expectation that money will pass down from one generation to the next - whilst it is lovely to receive an inheritance (I guess!), any money that someone 'saves' throughout their live should be spent on their own personal care. If there is any money left at the end fair enough. If people have had the where-with-all to provide for later life and have failed to do so, I don't see why tax payers should have to foot the bill. Many people have simply not put enough by to look after themselves in later life. Why should a smaller number of younger tax payers now (many of whom cannot buy their own houses) fund the care of a generation that have had opportunities that many now can only dream of? Most of the people I'm talking about didn't fight in either of the Wars (OK some did National Service and I wish we'd bring that back in some form). What is wrong with the current system? Probably the biggest issue currently is cost. How in God's name it can cost £85k per annum to put someone in care is beyond me. This is the simple reason why my MiL lives in the garden, well not literally!! I detest the woman and always have - she is categorically the most stubborn, selfish and miserable cow that ever walked this planet. For 3 months after Christmas she was particularly unwell and much of her day to day needs (including administering IV drugs and clearing up unmentionables) was down to me. Her health has now improved but efforts that we made to bring in a daily carer ( to help get her up and dressed) have been shunned (by her) to the point that the carers have ceased coming. This puts all the responsibility back on my wife and I. I have now backed off and only shop for her and cook her lunch daily. She moved here 4 years ago on the assumption that she didn't have long left! How fking wrong can you be!!!! We sold her house when she moved here used 90% of the proceeds to build her an annex. This has limited financial value as we cannot sell it away from the house (nor would we want to) but if she had been in a care home for 4 years, she would now be 2 years in arrears effectively. I frequently wish that she was elsewhere but that wouldn't help my Wife who would still need to see her, if not daily, at least 2-3 times a week. The emotional blackmail would be hideous - she's already ungrateful enough! Sorry - not sure the 'rant' element of that answers any questions but I feel better anyway
  8. Guessing your other half doesn't work in a hospital then? I don't have an issue with people not believing some of the bollox being spouted mate but if you end up in ITU your mortality rate is 66% - and that is a fact! I appreciate that a small % end up in ITUs but the lock down IS limiting spread and ensuring the NHS can cope - that is all it is about to be honest. Boris took a lot of flack up front for coming out and being honest that people would die, but I don't buy that there is any other viable solution right now than herd immunity. A Vaccine is a good 6 months off. I have heard of enough people I know having this and it being pretty awful that I do not wish to put anyone else at risk - even if I can't prove that I am. Economically it is total shite - i get that and feel sorry for anyone, like yourself, who has worked bloody hard to build a business. Unfortunately there are no easy answers. The 'social distancing' issue is a bit of a tricky one. You can go miles around here and not see a soul but that isn't the case everywhere. If people could be trusted to use common sense, your argument has some merit but unfortunately at least 50% of the population haven't an ounce of common sense! Keep safe
  9. https://twitter.com/Speedy_Matt_/status/1249291377088909312?s=20
  10. and that ignores the 100% of survivors who've had it already and never knew (never had symptoms or were carriers) and weren't tested. If they'd died, no doubt it would have been from Covid-19 so they'd be included in the death toll.
  11. Bonkers! Doing my bit to support local. I am using local small shops and producers as much as possible. We still have doorstep delivery of milk - have done all my adult life wherever I have lived. Last week we were given a free gift of some local Bigod Brie (fantastic product) - we always buy it anyway but I guess they are struggling to get rid as they supply most of the local restaurants. Is going to the local Deli/wet fish shop/veg shop etc ESSENTIAL - you're damn right it is - once they are gone they won't be back any time soon. Get out there safely, maintain your distance and support local
  12. Mass testing does what exactly? It just gives a picture at any given point of who is infected Concentrate on those self isolating so those NOT infected can return to the front line. Anyone one else who has symptoms - test them so they can what? be isolated from their families after it is too late. Germany seem to have dominated the available tests (towels at the pool anyone?) but to what effect? It doesn't stop the spread - it maybe makes the stats look better because you have more positives v deaths but at the end of the day it is a total waste of resources. If we had a vaccine maybe it would help target the use - but we don't. Focus on being able to identify those with antibodies already. Far more use. If my wife (an NHS worker) tests negative tomorrow - so what? Is she going to be tested daily to prove she hasn't picked it up since the last test. What happened to common fking sense in this Country? Stay indoors. If you feel ill come and see my Mother in Law. Get well soon Boris
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