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  1. The amount I quoted was from the Haynes Manual for the Mk2 Ford Escort. I used to have one and the steering rack parts are exactly identical to that on the S3.
  2. Oil required for an 1984 S3 steering rack is EP90. Anyone here know how much is needed? If it was a Ford Escort Mk2, it would be around 0.25L or 0.3 imp pint. Steering rack is the same design. Does this sound about correct?
  3. I have an S3 NA (early 1984) in Calypso Red. Can anyone tell me the matching "ESPRIT" decal colour for Carnival Red (L42)........ was it gold or black? Or was it a customer choice on vehicle order placement? TIA
  4. I always thought the liners should be just a little proud of the surrounding block, so that there was a little crush when the head with the gasket was torqued down???
  5. Where would one measure the ride height. Understand it is 180mm all round for an S3, but unlike the later Elise, I cannot find any information in the Workshop Manual.
  6. I bought a set but found them too hard to press into their mounting positions. Perhaps they have already been in storage for many years, resulting in hardening.
  7. If you cannot get the required clearance after valve seat cut & lapping-in, isn't that time for a new valve seat and valve?
  8. You can almost always achieve the percentage CO level you require at idle by adjustment. The big difference is at progression.
  9. I got the servo off the car yesterday. It is 8" diameter and the mounting bolts are of square 3 1/2" spacing for those interested.
  10. Anywhere in the lines between the compressor and the expansion valve is the "high pressure" side of the system. You can install the high pressure port anywhere between the compressor and the expansion valve, but obviously common sense tells us that you don't want the port to be 1-2" from the compressor outlet., Perhaps a minimum of 8-12" away. Measuring the HP after both condenser and dryer is fine as well, if placement on your car aircon design allows for that. This will mean slightly higher refrigerant pressures post-compressor pre-condenser, something we try and avoid at the higher tropical temperatures we operate in, since that may affect both compressor and condenser life. With daily temperatures usually exceeding 32C, aircons are in operation literally when the engine is running, so component lives matter (#CLM). As a comparison, this is the pipe routing on a factory-fitted on my Lotus Elise S1. These are pipes fitted directly to the compressor body. I am not trying to dictate, nor am I pretending that fitting the ports next to the compressor is a "must", but merely stating a fact that's where the factory had them fitted.
  11. The UK-spec cars that had air condition didn't come with the high and low pressure ports. Strange, but this was the case. IIRC all G cars up and the X180 had basically the same aircon layout. The USA cars (but RHD models) had the ports in the pipes on the suction and pressure side of the compressor. An aircon specialist can easily make these pipes up. The attached drawing shows where the ports should be for cars with factory fitted aircon.
  12. Theoretically the ports should be close to the aircon compressor, one low and one high pressure port.
  13. Carb float stuck shut is one matter. Carb float stuck open brings life to an entirely different dimension 🧨
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