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Community Answers

  1. Yeah I think that sounds like the best starting point 👍
  2. We Bought them from SJ but my wife ordered them as a birthday gift so I didn't get to talk to Steve. I can always give him a call of course but I assumed there would be some guys on here using them who would have had a little play.
  3. I've bought some adjustable Protec rear shock absorbers for my GT3. Can anyone currently using them recommended a good starting point for setting the adjustable valves?
  4. Wasn't there a Caravan called the Esprit in the 80's/ 90s?
  5. You'll be fine Sparky, cancer of a punctuation point doesn't sound that serious to me .........
  6. Worth also checking that your lower steering UJ hasn't partially seized. Especially if the car was stood for a while before you bought it
  7. Through my computer speakers that sounds almost Ferrari-esque 😎
  8. Great pictures of a lovely GT3 had me drooling but agree, no real depth to the content.
  9. Some fantastic photos of the GT3, the orange paint really suits it. Very subjective but to me it is a more cohesive design than the Emira ( which does look great ). Gavan seems to be enjoying his GT3 anyway!
  10. And ( in the words of Margo Ledbetter ) 'Yuletide felicitations to you too Pete'
  11. You would think they would at least cover it up! If it was mine I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing its out in all weathers and has no insurance. I lost sleep when mine spent a couple of weeks not garaged! I wonder if the owner realises how rare the car (and even more so the wheels!) are?
  12. Right, so I've now measured the ride height. ( I ended up using an old metal tape measure cut off at 180mm to measure the front subframe height, very easy to get an accurate measurement ). The front measured about 5mm high but I didn't have two humans available to sit in it so I'd guess its about right when correctly loaded. The back however is running 15mm below spec ( again without anyone sitting in the car! ) The springs and dampers are original standard fit, rear suspension bushes are all newish. Correct size wheels and tyres inflated to spec. Low mileage car but the springs and shocks are now 25 years old (fronts were replaced a few years ago). I would therefore say they are the most likely candidates for the ride height discrepancy. Is there anything else I should check / consider?.
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