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Community Answers

  1. Have not looked into this yet Tony but are you saying the rear (internal) glass is bonded to the body?
  2. Seems my 1975 Elite had an inspection cover in the panel under the bumper (but the panel lid is missing from my car). Curiously only on the RH side. Anyhow the headlamp mechanism is very accessible when the front bumper is off as there are large holes behind the bumper.
  3. Oh, that's nothing seeing the Elite is such a light car and it has its most heavy item removed! Try pushing a non running Mk7 Jaguar, with everything in place, slightly binding brakes and two tyres only half full, in a shed with none too smooth floor 😁
  4. Interestingly it still does not for me, I tried on another device but with the same result. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am not trying from within the UK? I tried using the URL and searching for Prestone, that did work and I got the same. However that type of antifreeze cannot be compared to the waterless type of coolants. Ever since I started driving and maintaining my cars almost 40 years ago, every motor factors or car parts shops always had and have sold these type of premixed antifreeze coolants like the Prestone in your example. It is something everybody use here. No one is using just water with concentrated antifreeze, I am not sure concentrated antifreeze is even available here. I was amazed to learn this is still common for the UK. Premixed coolants can and will boil easily whereas waterless coolant has a much higher boiling point. That said I am not a fan of waterless coolant. It is too expensive and more importantly it does not solve the cause of an engine going too hot. It helps in fighting the effect (coolant boiling) but ultimately that is not what you should aim for.
  5. Thanks Tim and Lez. Nothing to worry about then 😀
  6. Hi Tony, Brake servo is on the other side (LHD)! 😁 Bracket seems much too heavy just for a cam belt cover. The hose is visible in the third picture. Engine runs well and no coolant is coming out of that little hose. Thanks for thinking aloud.
  7. Well, I made a big gaping hole the size of the opening in the bumper and made lower brackets for the bumper. Behind it, mounted to both vertical sides of the opening in front of the radiator, are four red air horns. Interesting! But, the hoses go to nowhere - there is no air compressor 😥 I do not see any normal horn(s) fitted - where should they be located? Couple of other questions, see pictures. 1. What would have been fitted to the RH inner front wing? There are three mounting holes. 2. On the bulkhead, there are another three holes for something to be fitted. What would that be? 3. There is a 90 degrees big open hose in the middle of the engine. Should that be routed to an air cleaner or something like that? 4. A bracket in front of the timing belt holding nothing. What might that be for?
  8. That makes sense. Where are the other two bolts located?
  9. Indeed, that is a big opening. Also different to my car there are raised panels for the indicator units. Why? Unnecessary as these are only fitted to the bumper itself I think?
  10. Thanks for confirming Paul. OK for Interceptor and Stag...
  11. Excellent improvement! Please do share you findings. How are they fitted?
  12. Good to see another black LHD Elite! Keep us informed about your experiences with it.
  13. The seat looks wonderful, as new! As a temp measure I bought new leather seat covers for a Tesla. These were for sale locally from someone who bought the wrong type and were never fitted. Because it looks they might fit, and I was the only bidder for peanuts money (cheaper than universal cloth seat covers) I took the chance and bought them.
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