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Community Answers

  1. Air filter changed today. That’s the old one. New one in box.
  2. Hi all, just looking at replacing front rotors (discs) , what is out there please.
  3. A proper outing for the Elite today. Not a 5 mile local trip to the workshop and back home , but driving through Norfolk , Suffolk and just into Cambridgeshire. A 35 mile drive, to get the carbs balanced and engine timing sorted. The journey out wasn’t great as the engine revs didn’t drop much when changing gear , but we got to the tuners . After a bit of a wait, it was my turn , carbs balanced and timing altered. Engine ticking over perfectly . Return journey was easy , even with traffic queues for town and trains. Some better brakes would be good. Got to see if I can move the seat another step forward, as clutch leg is at maximum travel ( I’m missing a calf muscle ) , but arms to steering wheel are fine in existing position , may have to put wood block on clutch and brake pedals 😂
  4. Another small problem now I’m driving. Indicator lights on dash , on my setup the steering wheel blanks them out. Ordered a buzzer to help , if I can hear it being an older person.
  5. Bob the dog has a head of steel. Sorry yes did try to start it first Today fitted new leads, see how it goes tomorrow
  6. Well that didn’t last long. After a wet Friday the engine would not fire up at all. Just turning over. So Saturday I warmed the distributor with hair dryer, it started no problem. I did the same this morning ( no rain) again warm air blown towards dizzy, again started. Does the dizzy need an electric blanket over night 😂 Plus today the speedo failed 🥴AND also while trimming the screen pillar near side , door open , my crazy Border Collie came racing round the corner and crashed into the door. The door now opens 90 degrees , somehow his damaged to steel door check. Nightmare of a day.
  7. Hi Williamtherebel seems a long time ago that I supplied you with. Windscreen dash vents. I’ve finally got mine on the road( not 100% finished) but drivable. Only done around 20miles , need to relax behind the wheel. Keep checking gauges etc.
  8. Well the Elite is basically back on the road. There is still many small things to fix, but mechanically it’s a runner. Four years for it to get back to life (3 years really I fell out of love with it for a year). Thanks for all the help from you all over the past years . Thank you ps I’m sure more help will be needed Anyone got a Harrier Jump Jet I could borrow to recreate this photo ?
  9. Has anyone changed the original steering wheel for something with a bigger diameter grip. It might all be fine as it is after I’ve clocked up some miles , and can relax.
  10. Oh and the Landrover brake master cylinder that I purchased at the start causing no brake pedal and loads of head scratching , when ordered another, turns out was not the correct one. So another £80 wasted. New one is fine.
  11. The joys of working on the Elite to get it back on the road over the last four years. The phrase “one step forward two steps back” comes into play the longer you take to finish it. So over the years I’ve fitted new German fuel pump priced at close to £80 , only for the plastic diaphragm to disintegrate. New diaphragm they wanted £50 , so purchased a different pump without diaphragm. Exhaust rubber mounting rings, think I’m on third set ( car has only traveled 10 miles). Rear brake cylinders , just replaced them today after leaking on return from that drive. What a job that’s been. Oh and for peace of mind the timing belt I fitted when I first got the car home I just had to replace that.
  12. Didn’t think I’d get this far , but now thinking about the boot floor.Is it a false ply floor supported on wooden battens? With the same vertically to cover rear lights?
  13. Drivers side sun visor fitted today. Got to come up with a ply boot floor next.
  14. More work to finish the interior needed.
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