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  1. Test this against every interview with an Israeli government spokesman : - their public relations machine follows this standard pattern 1. We havent heard reports of deaths but will check 2. OK people were killed - but by a faulty Palestinian rocket/bomb 3. OK we killed them but they were terrorists 4.OK they were civilians but were being used as human shields 5. OK we made a mistake. But we kill civilians by accident, they do it on purpose 6. OK We have killed civilians but look how terrible other countries are ! 7. Are you some kind of anti-semite ? The corrupt Netanyahu regime offers nothing but violence - and some Palestinians took the bait while all Palestinians pay the price..
  2. I thought I`d give an Annual Report update as I still have and very much enjoy this car and the major problems have now all been solved (until the next time) . The red light was fair enough as it was one fan that was knackered. Had new fan bought and fitted. Found a dry lockup garage for it . New rear wiper motor off a Porsche 928. (Yes its the 928 one you need). Rear lock knob refitted with metal flange to operate lock lever (Thank you John from these Forums, for the pics !) Retractable aerial switch fitted - so very 1980s ! Lotus symbol refitted to one wheel centre courtesy of a 2" washer as the mount. Since my last post it`s needed a new alternator but the worst thing was the brakes. They wouldnt stop binding. Had a master cylinder reconditioned and...the binding was worse than ever ! Took it back and it turned out that the servo diaphragm had split. New servo. I left the radio on that drained the battery. Not the car`s fault , one new battery ... The engine is more or less run in after 1100 miles and the last journey 3 days ago was a sheer pleasure.
  3. Writing as someone with obvious "skin in the game " (check my name), I have the utmost distrust of those currently governing Israel . Many Israeli citizens share that distrust .The extreme zionists` own record of violence and terror against the general population of Gaza is only too obvious over the decades and they are in effect the best recruiting sergeant for the terrorists of Hamas. In turn they control the narrative context where they (with their tanks missiles gunships and drones) are the perpetual "victims" of those without hevy weapons. As a more general point, the conflation of Judaism with the interests of an ethno-nationalist nation state is a sure route to disaster. We can all justify stuff by saying "God told me it was OK " and the temptation for unscrupulous politicians to say this on fertile ground to get power and influence is the slippery slope to the blind use of force that has led to the present tragedy. Incidentally there are about 30,000 jews who live about 4 miles down the road from me. They very obviously are jews by their mode of dress and therefore get targeted by moronic anti-semites. However they loathe and despise Israel and the ideology of Zionism. But they get no publicity as theyre the "wrong kind of jew" for our media narrative .
  4. Hi all, you may remember me from my 2.2 restoration where the engine was rebuilt last year. Needless to say the car performs a lot better now and I get glimpses of its true potential although I am still running it in . The retractable radio aerial now works and the rear hatch lock catch "button" now operates to open the hatch instead of a chopstick down the hole, (not a euphemism) although there is no key or locking mechanism for it-I`ve given up on that one. However I have noticed that the engine when hot (though in perfectly normal temp range according to the gauge) will stall if in heavy / slow moving traffic for more than 5-10 minutes. It didn`t used to do this ! It seems to immediately restart so far without difficulty (unless you count yesterday when the battery wasnt charged up enough-not the cars fault) . I wondered if its fuel vaporisation but otherwise at a loss because it doesnt seem to depend on the weather. I wondered if there was any easy cure or whether the "new" engine just doesn`t like idling. Thanks Dan
  5. Hi again, thank you for your replies, the fuse was fine on an 80 mile drive so that`s good. Bad news is a new problem - that the "fan fail" light of Doom came on and wouldnt go out. Fuses looked ok ...will now be checking connections to fans . Fans were working fine before the rebuild (sigh). As the car is now as restored as it will probably ever be, I will post elsewhere on the Forums with my problems from now on ! I attach photo of the car at the Croydon (thats the Cambridgeshire Croydon) classics rally (with alsatian beside it for size reference) .
  6. Thanks, the car used to do this then stopped for a long time as mysteriously as it began, then it`s started again... will take it on a longer drive soon I hope, see if it clears up.
  7. Well she`s back ! Finally ! Engine rebuilt ! -see pic. Brakes recon as well Now running in . But she`s still fighting me. Driveway parking not a success as clutch screamed and smoked when I reversed up it; I made some thick plywood ramps to counter the steep "lip" from the kerb and they at least worked, but then realised that if other cars are parked either side of and in front of the drive (as they usually are ) there`s not enough space to let her out ! Luckily the next day I found some off street parking to rent 400 metres away (hassle occurred as I lost the garage storage back in April) . Now looking for a new lockup that isnt ludicrously far off/expensive. And... the 35 amp fuse keeps blowing (dashboard instruments and indicators).Strange, as she was fine on the 50 mile drive back that took 3 hours due to jam . Trying thicker-wire fuse ...or is it that 35 amps isnt the correct fuse anyway ? Suggestions welcome. Good to have her back anyway !
  8. basalte


    Still Life ; Ginger Cat with Peter Noone Of Herman’s Hermits
  9. You too , C8 . And thanks to Ms Patel we might one day be entitled to your real name as of right .
  10. Yep . Trouble is I have discovered my new superpower ; to enrage people by not swearing and not calling them names and not suggesting they’re deluded or insane . The POWER of it ! 😂😂😂
  11. “ I think you need to go and take your pills and sit in a dark corner “ . And I am the one making offensive remarks. Okaaayy…. I am wise to your belief system C8 ; a belief system based on years of acquiescence to news agendas that support a particular world view . That in no way makes you a bad person and you are the vast majority, not me . What it does seem to mean however is that you regard challenges to some aspects of that belief system as a “ hand grenade “ . I find that attitude bizarre particularly as I have pointed out that I was RESPONDING to a post , not initiating one . If I were really some hothead you would find me here OPENING threads all over the place about all sorts of nasty stuff that goes completely unreported and is completely unrelated to Lotus . As it is you find perfectly fact - based examples giving rise to concerns over Russian influence over the Conservatives to be inflammatory where the Russians are definitely the bad guys here .
  12. Fair point , (the EU is not a totalitarian bloc ) , but given its self proclaimed size and status the UK is undoubtedly out on a limb diplomatically, particularly in the eyes of the USA .
  13. I have apologised to March; he took something personally which was not (and I would say cannot) be taken as a criticism of character but if someone is offended I am content to believe they are offended. If that makes me some kind of snowflake, so be it.
  14. March. I personally apologise to you if you are caused offence. Its a war which does deserve strong opinions to be held.

    You will note that my opinion is that your opinions are right wing.

    Thats just my opinion and the holding of opinions are not and cannot be, a person`s "character".

  15. OK I`ve given my opinion about someone`s opinion without abusing anyone. Maybe try the same ?
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