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  1. Almost there with the bearing-hub marriage @GTK George. This is the way I did mine. Put bearing in freezer wrapped in grease proof paper (no box) I left mine in there for a couple of days. Put the hub in an oven (domestic) best to do this when Mrs is not around. Car parts and ovens are not natural bedfellows ;-). Heat up oven to 170c when it reaches temp cook for 20 mins. When time is up and working quickly remove hub get bearing STRAIGHT from freezer unwrap and put in hub. It will slip in like a slippery thing on a slippery night in slipperyville Worked a treat when I did mine.
  2. @Clive59 That makes a lot of sense. I have 3 terminals on the light. 1 P connects to a terminal and the other P goes through to the cabin (rear seats) and connects to the interior cabin light. The black connects to another terminal on the boot light. The PR connects to the final terminal on the boot light(?) That leaves the PW with nothing to connect to as there are no other terminals available. Nearly there, at least I'm closer that I was at the start 😂 Thanks Clive
  3. @EXCEL V8 @Clive59 Hi Pete, You've seen it Pete, it's terrible 😂😂Not much help really. Bizarrely only two wires and neither of them the correct colours 😂 I suspect the other wire is in the loom somewhere. I think Clive could be right and some wires may be surplus to requirements. AutoSparks advertise the rear and engine bay looms as a faithful copy from a 502. I am expecting some difference with the cabin loom as it's a copy from a 503.
  4. Hi @Clive59 According to the wiring diagram/s, the boot lamp needs three connections. Black (earth) Purple/Red and Purple. That leaves a Purple wire with nothing to connect to and a Purple/White wire with nothing to connect to. I see from your wiring diagram it says that Purple= Accessories , direct feed from the battery, via fuse (no mention of it on my wiring diagram) There is a spare Purple connection so I could do that. (?) If that is correct then that still leaves a Purple/White wire with nothing to connect too. It is obviously for the lamp circuit, would like to know where oit's supposed to go as there are no spare connections in the vacinity of the lamp.
  5. This is the wiring I have on my new loom for the rear hatch light. From l-r: Purple/White, Black, Purple, Purple And Purple/Red. The wiring diagram says trunk lamp P/R and P and earth. Lamp only has 3 connections. Q: what are the other wires for? As far as I can tell from wiring diagram P and P/W wires are all courtesy lamp circuit Confused 🤔
  6. Hi @Tony D, Nope. It's just a very,very,very old sticker 😉
  7. It's the little things, isn't it. After all these years there is finally something on the car that works!! This is the rear hatch, all latched and working. Roland
  8. Hi Tony, Yes they are from AutoSparks. First impressions are, they are very well made. I've got the rear one all laid in, so far I've extended the wires to the rear hatch lock, micro switch, as they were (in my particular case) a tad too short. I will need to extend the electric aerial feeds as well. But this is because on my car the aerial is on the n/s rear not the o/s The dash and engine bay looms have a gazillion wires and nothing is labeled lol, so they will be interesting when it comes time to connect everything lol Roland
  9. Hmmmm. Wiring looms, should be fun
  10. Rear ABS window finishers on One of the benefits of working in a container when you want something to stick 😂
  11. Finally got round to doing my rear inspection hatches, went a bit off piste with this one. Having looked at photo's of other istallations I wanted something that didn't involve undoing lots of bolts/screws to get the cover plate off. So I decided to go with some Marine deck hatches. They come in two parts the inner unscrews from the backing plate. The ones I used have a 6" opening Cut your hole to match flange on the backing plate Bond and screw the backing plate to the hole Et Voila! Best to make a template of the backing plate flange All done. There are extra benefits to the installation 1: Easy access as they just unscrew 2: Really easy to fit 3: Desgned for boats so they are watertight. Roland
  12. All sorted now.
  13. Does anyone have an upper tailgate corner cap going spare? As you look at the rear it is the one on the upper left, so opposite profile to the one in the picture. Also can someone post a photo showing the inner tailgate caps, top and bottom? I have done a test fit up today on my tailgate and I'm unsure how the inner caps sit in relation to the external ones. Mine seem to be sitting too low. Many thanks Roland
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