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  1. Well, just got back and the Esprit behaved impeccably! The weather up to Scotland was pretty bad, with showers and sunshine in equal amounts all the time we were up there. The car seem to cause quite a stir in Edinburgh city centre with the paparazzi passers by taking photos, videos etc. The visit to the museum was great with new stuff I hadn't seen before including the fabled Jim Clark Gold Helmet. We visited the Bistro Cafe and paid our respects at Chirnside Parish Church. Only downside were the atrocious roads that rattled our teeth at times.
  2. Im giving the Esprit its longest run yet. We are going up to Scotland tomorrow (Wed 3/7/24) for a wedding. We are visiting relations in Glasgow before driving over to Edinburgh for the wedding on Friday. On Saturday 6/7/24 we are going over to Duns to visit the Jim Clark Museum. They are allowing me to park in front of the Museum as they did when I visited them in my Eclat. Hopefully it will be a nice 500mile+ round trip. New Esprit photo to come!
  3. I tried to recreate a photo I took of my granddaughters on my Eclat in 2017, and on my Esprit in 2019.
  4. Another weekend - another couple of Car show! Saturday at the Leyland Festival. Bit showery in the morning. Some show queens decided to bail before the public were allowed in! However it brightened up in the afternoon. The Lambo I was parked next to stayed all day as well. Sunday was Cars On Lytham Green. Over 800 cars, with some nice Lotus to keep me company. Bit windy in the morning then lovely in the afternoon. The family came down and we had a picnic.
  5. Yes, it was! The Tour of Britain came through Shaw so we all cheered them on. Must have been about 40+ police outriders came through before the cycles.
  6. Got 2nd place in the Shaw and Crompton car show yesterday! Happy days! It was raining so garage queens stayed away!
  7. Still no oil leaks! Happy days. Went to the Shaw and Crompton car show yesterday. Came away with a 2nd place! (and my mate who took his Triumph Stag came 3rd).It was raining all day so garage queens stayed away!
  8. Just to be clear, Pendle Powerfest is held in the Nelson and Colne college car park on the weekend when the college is closed. So the car park was used by the organisers for the car show. I was directed to park in the disabled bay as I presume was the Aston and the Lambo. The rest of the cars used the rest of the car park but has plenty of space to ‘spread out’ and was not restricted to being between the lines.
  9. Bit of a wash out today at the Pendle Powerfest. But still some nice cats. Only my Esprit S1 and an Europa flying the flag for Lotus. As always loads of people around the Eaprit as opposed to the Aston and the Lambo. (Nice though the Aston was)!
  10. The perils of old age!! Besides trying to get in and out!
  11. Gorgeous evening meeting. 1st meet of the year. Very informal. Quite a few lotus for a change including a lovely Emira.
  12. Yes, it IS a long time since you let me have the dash vents! Congrats on getting your car up and running. I know you have had your ups and downs with it but hopefully you will get a lot of enjoyment out of it now. Especially going into the summer. Ive been driving my Eclat around at the moment and still get lots of admiring glances and comments. Happy Motoring.
  13. Nice Elise on the A500 this afternoon. Anyone on here?
  14. Saw this in a restaurant car park last week!
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