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    Currently: Lotus Elise S1, Porsche Cayman R. Previously: McLaren 570s Spider, Lotus Exige 430 Cup (Type 25), Elise 220 Cup, Evora 400 (Auto)
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  1. Stopped at the lights and said “Hi”, I was in my Peridot Green Porsche Cayman R at the time. Your car looked great, hope the rest of your drive was bearable!
  2. I always wondered about these too, I always assumed that on newer models it was the ghost of the S1 Elise clam which had been evolved and it was probably cheaper to just overlay the revised clam on to some elements of the existing design?
  3. Evora has such a great side profile. Stunning.
  4. Emira looks smaller which is confusing. Emira supposedly is wider track.
  5. I had an Exige Cup 430 with the louvred rear deck, never had any issues pressure washing that.
  6. As others have mentioned the crabbing at low speeds with full or near full lock is normal and still apparent on the newer models too (Evora 400). I had an engine light on my Evora 400 shortly after purchase, likely also because it had been sat for some time without proper use. Dealer cleared the fault, checked it over and just told me to be enthusiastic with my right foot. No looking back. I suspect the issues will be easily resolved, give the car a 2nd chance and I think you’ll swiftly find yourself falling in love all over again. Nothing beats a Lotus for handling and driving feel.
  7. I like to think that McLarens have a healthy dose of Lotus DNA.
  8. Berkshire. Maybe a meet up at C&M some time. Photo of Ventura vs McLaren orange.
  9. Stunning. My car is McLaren Orange, I believe yours is Ventura Orange? You managed to bag one with the B&O audio. Couldn’t find one in the colour/model I wanted at the time so I have bog standard audio. Don’t remember where you’re based but would be good to meet up some time. 👍
  10. Rather late response but some pics of what followed the Exige 430 Cup. I’m on IG as “carsforthedrivers” if you want to see more.
  11. Plan B is exactly what I ended up doing. Got my Emira deposit back, sold the Exige 430 and bought my first McLaren. 570s Spider. Love it. The paddle shift in the McLaren is just perfection and once you learn how to drive a turbo (drop it two gears then punch the accelerator) you’re in for a lot of fun.
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