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  1. Could you explain briefly the issue? I only ask because I received one 12 months ago (pretty recently) and as you say about older ones, I was blown away by the unrivalled quality. I can't imagine anyone taking fault with it, but I'll look to see if I can spot anything you say. I am not a fabrics expert.
  2. This was my old car. Traded it in for a fair bit more than that. It was in spectacular condition 500 miles ago, I keep me cars with an engineers attention to detail and it arrived with me pretty much perfect. I doubt a lot has changed in the last 500 miles, so when it does next pop up for sale I can highly recommend making the trip if you want a good one. I sold it with the intention of moving straight to a GT410 Sport, but then personal circumstances changed. Life never fails to surprise. I'll be back at some point. Loved that car.
  3. I don't believe the sport button alters the traction control. It only holds the exhaust valve open and changes the throttle map I believe. I always have the traction control fully off on track though and advised him to do the same as it's a lot more clear in it's communications around the limit with it off. When on it's quite vague about how much Work it's doing? You get a feeling of the wheels being braked quite early. Off I find the car slips and moves in a gentile, reassuring way quite a lot before it really lets go on you, usually when it does snap to a big angle it's because you haven't given the weight a chance to settle onto the tyre well and even then it never span on me. I had a few big angle moments, looking at 90deg to the track, not sure it would come back, but it always stayed true to the line the car was on, never ploughed the front end forward like a Z4M does and always came back. A very friendly car beyond the limit.
  4. Tyre pressures I'd set in advance so they were ~32/34 at the end of lapping. The car didn't bottom out or scrub anywhere. Although it looks very close in the photos! He got 8.7mpg vs my 8.1mpg, shows how much over braking and 2nd gear I used (but only my first 3 laps ever at the ring). Car/steering did feel a little light at times over crests, but still not enough to unsettle the tyres. The pads were smoking, not impressed with the Carbon Lorraine pads at all. They rattled in the calipers and overheated leading to a very hard/unresponsive brake pedal within 1/2 a lap with me driving. In their defence they always came back once cooled and I did another track day on these same pads after I drove home. They were removed from the car before I sold it.
  5. I left the fold today, sold my Evora but I left a parting gift to the Evora fraternity. I will be back, in a GT410 Sport
  6. A couple of things not clear to me about the late model year cars. This front bumper doesn't look the same as the 400 or 410 sport front end? https://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/lotus/evora-400/35-v6-gt430-2dr/first-drive When did it change, which models came with this bumper? Also the Evora GT with 416hp was that model ever available in the UK/Europe or did we only get 410/430 options? thanks in advance, these questions have been bothering me a while.
  7. I love this boot up Graphic. Where did you find that?!
  8. Dare I say that last pic is not flattering to the Emira. The Evora looks a much cleaner, more elegant shape. The Emira a little scrunched in the face
  9. I should pre-state I have a positive Porsche bias. A car has to be noticably better to get me out of one. I went in with high expectations to the 981 GT4, expected to be in love, which is always a mistake. I came away very numb. I think the factory exhaust sounds phoney and digital, the gears are so long that if you hang onto 2nd out of a roundabout you're soon seeing 1 too many digits and not really feeling the joy and the cabin feels like there is a lot around you in all directions. You sit far from the glass which stops the car 'shrinking' like an older 911 or early Cayman does. On the plus side, the performance is well judged, the seats are excellent, the car is significantly more practical for a long trip than the Evora (luggage space with the front boot and long parcel area is superb) and the creature comforts of the interior do not leave you wanting. Handling, both cars are excellent, the approach is different. The evora moving in a more 2d way. Be aware general servicing and parts are more in a Porsche. I have the feeling main dealers are like london taxis, the bill meter starts at £1000 and then you add whatever job you asked to be done. Summary: As per above. Better suited on track, less engaging on the road
  10. Didn't know this gadget existed! Definitely going to invest. I'm 100% sure I've added swirl marks to my black paint when drying the car with a damp microfiber cloth to stop water marks
  11. Another vote for Rimtec did a great job at a very fair price and managed to straighten a dent in the inside of the rim without replacement.
  12. I'm in the same place with my Evora S the standard brakes are probably just about enough, but now a few track days in are starting to crack between drill holes. Disks get tired too quickly for me to justify £1000 on a pair of floating rotors. Last time I did it (Alcons on a 996 turbo) I regretted it for the low speed rattle and they looked just as knackered after 2 track days! I'm tempted to just opt for solid disks, but I'd love if there were some intermediate option like the EBC dimpled and grooved disks. Those i found to be very long lived on my 944 (hate the yellow stuff pads, do not recommend).
  13. Not to jump to conclusions, but ~1hr driving ago I had an engine warning light, which OBD code reads as low Catalyst function. On the way to the garage I noticed intermittent reduced performance (a feeling of the engine being 'strangled') and at the garage the mechanic noted the exhaust rattles when shaken. I'm becoming concerned my factory cats are collapsing. The car is currently with Hoffmans who I took it to to diagnose the loss of power and engine light coming on. I read that this is not unheard of fault on the Supercharged cars. Looking at the website 2bular appear to offer a sport cat option 'power kit' & full system for £4675 plus fitting. A nice option but that's an eye watering bill for what feels like a minor fault. It could be £6k with fitting! That's 'I've shredded a gearbox' or I fitted a bigger supercharger money in my book. What does the forum of knowledge have to say on this topic? If I want to do a few track days in the car what have people found that worked well?
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