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  1. The clear coat looks like it's crazing. I'm also not sure that polishing would change this because its looks like its penetrated the clear coat layer. I would say this is a re-spray job. However these are some of the things you could try. Advanced Compound (valetPRO) could be used with your DA to polish this up. Go with a soft polish pad first just to see how it brings it up. You might find that you get a temporary fix doing this. 24Plus - Our ceramic coating - I've not tried it in this situation before so I am not sure what the out come will be. But Our ceramic will revive faded plastic trim. You may find you get a similar effect with our ceramic coating on this paint work. However in both cases the crazing or Cracking of the clear coat will not go away with either option all I think you can hope for is to restore the colour. If you polish deep enough to remove the crazing clear coat you will be through to the paint and this will likely bring inconsistent colour. Re-spray will fix the issue. The above options might just improve the finish/colour for you pass doing a re-spray. Hope this helps. If your in near East Sussex your welcome to pop over either to my home or our factory and we can have a play together and see if we can make an improvement on the finish.
  2. You need to avoid Alkaline Cleaners because they can damage the glues that hold the fabric to the roof. You may have seen headlining dropping before, this can be a common cause. There are two products I would use. 1, Enzyme Odour eater - pH neutral and is excellent for removing organic stains. Spray on agitate with a soft brush and wipe up with a micro fibre cloth. 2, Advanced Interior Cleaner - This is also pH Neutral. It better for degreasing and removing general grime. Spray on agitate and wipe up with a micro fibre cloth. If this is grease from a mechanic then it the advanced Interior Cleaner is the best bet. Both these products are from ValetPRO.
  3. Thanks Bibs. When I take my car to Maidstone sports cars for a service and MOT I will speak to them about it. Having it now bypassed all is working well. But it would be good to get it working as it should. Anyway thanks for the advise.
  4. If anyone knows about how the emergency reset was supposed to work. Please read my about comment and feedback it be good to know what the issue is. so i can get my car running i have bypassed the immobiliser and will disconnect the alarm system. I wanted to keep the old system intact so i have bypassed without cutting wires. This is for anyone else who has similar problems and wants to get around the issue. Let me know and i can tell you what i did. what i would like to know is if the immobiliser is fixable and who i should talk to about it. My car is garaged so its safe but future owners might need the immobiliser to be working. Any thoughts?
  5. Ok, going to have a go at bypassing the immobiliser is there any reason this would be a bad idea?
  6. On thursday my elise s2 would not start because my key fob failed to turn the immobiliser off. I just tried the emergency system to get the car started but this seems to have made it worse. the normal red light is now not flashing. But still will not start. also i found that when i was going through the pin code sequence the red light was also not flashing the only red light flashing was the seat belt light so i used that for the pin. Should it have been the normal res light for the alarm and why would this light stop flashing? any ideas or help i would be grateful.
  7. First time the screw came loss the following day. I did fix it by removing the screw and cutting a flat head notch in the screw head. I also applied some compound to the thread to stop the screw coming loss again. This worked. Although i did drop the screw once into the door and though i would not get it out. I did find it and got the window fully fixed. Not had a problems since so has been fixed for a month or more now. The above video really helped.
  8. Yes Alcohol/ isopropyl diluted 1:4 with water will do the job with a micro fibre. This is what we basically use. Sorry for the later reply. Been busy recently and not been on here much. But will be back more frequently for now on.
  9. This video was great, learnt how the window works. As it was the window was not working for another reason. As I looked more closely. I found that a screw had come loose near the top of the front runner guide. This screw had clearly been screwed in many times before as the philips cross had completely been removed. So I needed to use a hot glue gun and a small metal bar to screw the screw back in. I then attempted to hot glue the screw in place. I not sure this will be a permanent fix. If it fails I will order new screws for the runner and get some thread securing glue to get a better hold. Does anyone know what screws these are size etc or where to buy just the screws from?
  10. My window has dropped by about an inch. I get it sorted each time I get the car serviced. But several months later it drops again. I have tried fixing but I can't see how you do. Is there any guides here or else where that can teach you how to fix the windows when the drop?
  11. Yes using a panel wipe first is a good idea as this removes any grease from the surface. Then apply the coating as directed. Use new microfibre cloths and throw them away after use. ValetPRO 24Plus is also an option for applying ceramic coatings to wheels.
  12. For your fly wheel question head over to the esprit part of the forum your best bet for advice https://www.thelotusforums.com/forums/forum/222-esprit/ welcome👍🏻
  13. The picture of those orange rubber blocks. Its a strange one. Does seem a good price for £23k. https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/13460582 Anyone for a GT430. Like the colour on it.
  14. Anyone know where you can buy tue rubber piping that goes along the edge of the rear defuser.
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