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  1. Was thinking the same. This unit is on my radar, but seems to lack a lot of customisation.
  2. Cars looking really good MAG, nice work. Looking forward to your feed back on the EX430
  3. I am very impressed with the Evija, everyone at Lotus should be very proud. As an EV - its so far away from what i would have concidered a typical Lotus, but somehow it still seems very Lotus to me. The shape, the weight - the minimalist approach. If this handles anything like a Lotus. Wow. Gj.
  4. Just my two cents, but I imagine consistant change in direction would cause more load than a spin out in the same direction.
  5. I'm still at the research stage of modifying. Looking at all my options really. I am a light aircraft engineer, which makes changing the pistons and rods just another day at work. The mapping is where I have the issues, only the diesels I work on even have ECU's. The EX460 seems like a good conversion, but the TVS1900 charger brings a lot of benefits. I only have the comments of others to go on as I haven't seen a dyno graph on the TVS setup, but they seem to be producing lots of torque lower down the rev range than the standard charger. This suggests it is a good match for the engine. The comments on the cars running TVS1900's say this tails off at the top, I am assuming, because it's making lower boost than the OEM charger in order to keep the power down and safe? Not a bad thing if so. Ideally what I want is a charge cooled TVS 1900 mapped to 460 and leaving my option open to take it further, noone seems to be offering this atm - so I'm peering outside the box to see my options.
  6. This interests me, I am suprised by the lack of custom ECU tuning on a car like the exige - and as much as packages like the EX460 / TVS1900 seem to be very good and reliable - when you steer away from the expected specification, the cars ECU is not going to be making the most of mods without custom tuning. Questions atm would be, does it come with a base line map which has already been programed for all the Exige S features? Who would/could do the mapping as modification are made (costs?) and do they have the experience with both Motec software and the Lotus Exige? and lastly - how will it drive compared to the OEM ECU?
  7. Yes and thankyou, it was worth the wait Washed and cleaned after its run, It does need a full detail - pictures lie
  8. Well, private runway might have been a little exaggerated ☺️, it's Elstree aerodrome, that was radioed through as a "runway inspection“ I've never asked about doing an event there, but the surface is not great and it probably gets a bit to much traffic to shut down for a day.
  9. Picked it up last night - finaly It feels very capable, but its been cold and wet so I havent really tested it to much... but I do happen to have a private runway, so... VID_20190119_135208_1344x756.mp4
  10. Nope, Shouldn't be long now though, delays where explained and understandable so I'm just being patient.
  11. Longer the wait, better the food tastes right?
  12. This was a great read, thanks for writing that all up, vids and pictures. Really gave some insight into racing for the uninitiated like myself. Look forward to reading about next year's season
  13. I found a better deal and changed fiance company at the last minute, so it's a little self-inflicted, I'm sure it will be worth the wait
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