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Community Answers

  1. Looking at howmanyleft.co.uk, there were already more Emiras on the road in Q3 last year (over 1000) that the total number of Evoras (less than 900).
  2. mcdonaa

    Mazda MX5

    It may tell you something about the smaller engined car that last year when I was looking for an MX5, I test drove the 1.5 and 184bhp 2.0L cars back to back....and I still chose the 1.5... 😉
  3. mcdonaa

    Mazda MX5

    No problem. I think you'll find quite a few Lotus owners will have quite a broad experience of other marques - and have probably tried (like me) many before settling on the magic that is a Lotus. I myself have lots of other loves, from old MGs to Type R Hondas, to lots of semi-exotic RWD Japanese sports cars. There's nothing like a Lotus though IMHO, and thats exactly what Mazda was trying to do - capture the essence of a light, cheap, fun rear drive sports car.
  4. mcdonaa

    Mazda MX5

    That's quite a broad question, as they have been made since 89, so you have quite a choice. Until recently (2019) no MX5 has been blisteringly fast. Then they introduced the 184bhp 2.0l engine, which as you've stated makes 60 in about 6.5secs....which is pretty respectable for something with under 200bhp. Most of the older NBs and NCs were 1.8l with approx 150ish hp. Some later ones were 2.0l with a bit more. None fast at all....BUT, like a Lotus, it's not all about the straight line speed - it's about the twisty bits. Personally, if you have the budget (and you are 6ft or under) I would find a nice ND (Mk4) as even the later 184bhp can get mid 40s mpg on a run. My 1.5L (132bhp) gets nearly 50mpg on a run. All to do with the nice low weight 😉 I would say the sweet spot is a late NC 2.0L (160bhp) - but some say these are not great handling wise as standard. I think the sweet spot for the ND is the 1.5....as you can literally thrash it to death, and still do legal speeds 😂 If you want a bit more oomph, then the 2019+ 2.0L The purest to drive though are the original NA (Mk1). But like all the models, it's main enemy is rust. All will have had some work by now, with varying degrees of competence...so some repairs might not last. Even the NDs corrode underneath, so many owners regularly treat the underside. Finding a really good Mk1 is difficult now - unless you want the spend a bit of money....
  5. mcdonaa

    Mazda MX5

    I believe the NA and NB are cambelt, NC and ND chain.
  6. mcdonaa

    Mazda MX5

    I suggest you try one to see how you get on. Some people (like me) absolutely love them, and don't care about the 'hairdresser' type jokes that go along with them. Some people just don't seem to get along with them, especially taller (6ft+). The most recent (ND) is pretty cramped inside. I only just fit....and I'm a smidge under 6ft. The most impressive point on the 2015-current ND MX-5 is that it's only about 50kg heavier than the 1989 NA...with all the modern tech, airbags, crash regs etc. That's quite some feat, and Mazda were absolutely obsessed about weight saving in the ND.
  7. mcdonaa

    Mazda MX5

    I’m lucky enough to have one as my daily - a 2020 RF (the electric retracting hardtop version). As has been said here, it’s a car designed with the same ethos as Lotus - simple and light with great RWD dynamics. It really doesn't quite drive like a lotus (too much body roll and overly light assisted steering) but that really doesn't matter as it's just so fun to drive. It compliments the Evora perfectly 😄
  8. You have main dealers (Caffyns) in Lewes (and Ashford) and also a good independant (that I personally use), Maidstone Sports Cars in Headcorn. http://www.maidstonesportscars.co.uk/car-marques/lotus/modern-lotus/servicing-mot/evora/ Oh, welcome by the way! Post some pics of your car on the introductions section of the site https://forums.thelotusforums.com/forum/15-introductions/
  9. Hi welcome! As Bibs has said, we would like pics! Also, we have a thread on here logging Launch Edition Evora’s…please post on there too:
  10. Lovely looking car, and maybe the most famous Evora amongst us…loved the off-roading by Clarkson 😂
  11. There are already over 1000 Emiras now registered on the UK roads, in about a year of sales. Now surpassed the 900 odd Evoras on the road/SORN ...produced over 13 years! (in the UK obviously)
  12. It’s gone up a grand since you posted it!
  13. Something to eliminate is checking that the TPMS sensor hasn’t detached in the wheel. The happened on my car recently, and sounded very much like suspension noise. In my case, when the wheel was rotating, it would be flung out on the tyre, and slowing down it would clunk down onto the inner wheel and make a right racket! Very easy to check and rotate the wheel - you would hear it in the tyre. In my case, the tpms still worked too!
  14. It may well be a wheel TPMS sensor….I had this recently with a front wheel. At low speeds and when you stop I would get a metallic clunking noise. This was the tpms sensor loose inside the tyre hitting the rim! Something to check anyway (easy jacking up the rear and spinning the wheels).
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