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  1. Very interesting to find this thread. Add me to the randomly flickering odometer club! It went haywire today just in time for the MOT tester to log the mileage as ’unknown’. Thankfully I was able to video it and stop on a frame where the mileage was being displayed so that they can log the correct mileage!
  2. I have booked my Esprit into this show (individual- in the 90's period cars). Presumably Club Lotus will have a stand there as they normally do. Anyone else planning to attend?
  3. It looks like my coolant level is very low in that case! I will try topping up and see if that makes a difference. Relocating the pump will be a job for another day I think, but this has been really useful chat as I feel like I am slowly getting to know my car! Thanks both
  4. Thanks Filip, I'm not sure who fitted it as it was on the car when I bought it but it would be interesting to see how others have installed this pump, to see if there is potential for me to tidy it up at some point in the future. In terms of coolant levels, the reservoir on the rear left hand side is the one I normally check and top up but I noticed there is another reservoir in the engine bay, directly behind where this pump has been installed. What should the level be in this reservoir? edit: Reading through this thread - now I know what it is!
  5. Sorry if this is a daft question. Can anyone tell me what this is please (circled)? I'm guessing it's some kind of water pump, but I'm not sure. Also, how noisy should it be when the ignition is switched on? My car has been parked up for a while and now when I go to start it, this pump(?) sounds noisier than I remember! I'm just pre-empting having to replace it, if it has developed a fault. Thanks
  6. Now listed on lotusforsale.com - thank you, I wasn't aware of that site 🙂
  7. 4 heater knobs (all 4 same size as fitted to the later 98 on dash in the GT3 and V8). These are the same as the ones sold by PNM parts. Pictures to follow. Happy to post for free £25
  8. For sale, a cat bypass pipe removed from my GT3. According to PNM this also fits the SE, S4 and S4S but please double check. I have removed as my car requires a Cat for MOT time and I don’t want to have to keep swapping this in and out. See attached photos for condition. (pictures to follow as I can’t see how to attach from my phone) Happy to post if buyer covers postage. £50
  9. I purchased some reproduction (not so cheap) plastic switches to replace my aluminium knobs that a previous owner had fitted.
  10. Ha, it seems like we did the opposite thing - could've just swapped knobs! 😄 Also interesting that the cigarette lighter is on the opposite side - guessing Lotus swapped this round for left hand drive cars?
  11. Before and after. Very happy with the fit and finish of these reproduction parts and would recommend.
  12. Parts ordered, paid for and posted (all this morning). Very efficient service! These are reproduction parts rather than originals, which in a way is even better as they’ll look brand new. I’ll post a pic once I get them fitted in case anyone else is looking to put a modified car back to standard. There must be a good market in Elise land for these as I imagine so many were modified and the S1 is now in classic territory where originality counts.
  13. Fantastic, thank you so much. I’ve dropped Simon an email just now. You have no idea how many hours I’ve spent searching in vain for these. Fingers crossed!
  14. Hi Bibs, yes, those are the ones. I believe they were also used in the S1 Elise, although it only had one for fan speed whereas the Esprit has 4. Is the above Facebook link a seller?
  15. Forgot to update this to say that a medium sized pry bar did the trick and was able to generate the required leverage to tighten up the belt and then nip up all the nuts and bolts. Thank you to everyone for contributing and generating discussion.
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