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  1. We would indeed and I am no expert on looking at new car paints, but the three I saw looked very distinct orange peal!
  2. Thanks very interesting. I wonder how the Emiras score on the 1-10 scale when new?
  3. I don't know much about modern paintwork, but was looking at three Emiras in a showroom on Saturday. The paint finish looked to me to have masses of orange peel on all three cars (2 blue and 1 verdant). The Exige beside them had lovely smooth shiny paint (as did the Elan Sprint DHC), chalk and cheese. Is that the normal finish these days? Kind of mottled. There were quite a few scratches to be seen as well (the detailer will attend to them apparently).
  4. " a few more rivets were added" is noone else as worried about this as me? It's not a Lotus 7 being made by a man in a shed!!
  5. I got the July now August one for i4. Although it just said August. They've obviously got bored with telling people there is a delay!
  6. Sorry, really off topic now, but couldn't resist.
  7. Excellent, nice chap Sir Chris - raced with him a few times in Radicals then Revolutions. Had a wonderful moment in a Revolution race at the end of the 2021 season where I was sat in the race truck going through video and data with Chris. Freddie Hunt and Mathias Lauda. me and the driver coach - fabulous. Came third on the race behind Lauda and Hunt in front of Chris - magic!
  8. I don't understand why they have those different letter codes for the same Toyota engine. Also I was expecting a letter code for the i4.
  9. That's tantalising with the engine codes cut off! Are they all the same? Will they get to the S and the R before new ICE cars are banned?
  10. Is that not a Tan interior which if it is, is actually rather good in person!
  11. It's ok, along with storage fees not being mentioned before by Lotus, I forgot to tell them about the interest I am charging on my deposit. I'm sure they'll be fine about it though!
  12. Yes, it wasn't s super-serious suggestion!
  13. I would have just gone with the flow. If that's when they want to get paid!
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