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  1. Just looked at the Lotus Japan site again and the price for the i4 has disappeared and they raised the price of the v6 FE by another million to 13.5 million... It's now a couple of grand more than a Cayman GT4 and ~20k USD more than a GTS 4.0 and Corvette C8... The initial price made sense, with a base v6 with a few options probably ending up a couple of grand more than a GTS 4.0 with some options. Maybe the importer is getting a lot of interest and they think they can ask this much. For their sake I hope they are right.
  2. Pricing for Japan is now available. Base i4: 10 million yen. V6 FE: 12.7 million yen. (95.000 euro, 81.000 pound, 111.000 dollar) For comparison a Cayman S is 9.3 million, a 4.0 GTS 11.1 million and a GT4 is 13.1 million. I hoped it would be a bit closer to Cayman prices but I think the comparative pricing is in line with that in other countries. Oh well, I'll have something to work for the next couple of years
  3. IwantOne

    Lotus Emira

    Looks that way. So one could assume that based on that the base v6 would be around the same price as the base GTS 4.0.
  4. IwantOne

    Lotus Emira

    That is 99.000 pound or 135.000 US dollars? A GTS 4.0 is 172.000 so I guess 185.000 for the FE is competitive?
  5. IwantOne

    Lotus Emira

    Not sure if there are any other members located in Asia but pricing for Japan will probably be announced in the next two weeks or so and the Asian Emira road show will start in January.
  6. Well in many ways it's one of the better places in the world you can live. Just not if you happen to like sports cars and are not very well off. That and the housing market. One way around this is live abroad for 12 months, buy the car there and then move back to the Netherlands. The car will be exempt from taxes as far as I know. Given how small the Netherlands is, and depending on how much you might want to skirt the law with actually living abroad, you could (all theoretically of course) get away with just paying a couple of grand renting some student room just across the border. Edit: I never looked into the actual rules/laws too much, but at a glance it looks like there isn't any limit on the amount of cars you can bring with. The only caveat is you have to own the car for at least 6 months before moving back and you can't sell it for a year after moving back. In the past I always wondered if that means it would be possible for multiple people to fund somebody to live in Belgium or Germany for a bit, buy a dozen or so cars, move back and "sell" them. Given that even a Cayman or Emira can easily be 40~50k cheaper, that could be a golden business.
  7. Not surprised. A Cayman GTS starts at 130k so everybody in the Netherlands should have seen this coming. Tax laws simply make anything that hasn't the tiniest of tiny engines very expensive. Even something like a gt86 is/was close to 60k, in most other countries you pay half that.
  8. Looks like the bae i4 is almost the same price as a Cayman S, the v6 slots right between the GTS and GT4 (6k difference) so I'm guessing that in the US a base v6 will be around or actually cheaper than a GTS?
  9. I agree that at least a big rev counter would have looked much better with screen on the side. The center screen is alright I guess. Would have been better if it was inside the center console but it doesn't look too bad. At least it's not sticking out that much nor is it plonked right on top of the dash like in a GR Yaris or some Mercedes'. The air vents do look rather meh though. That's the kind of design you got on cars in the 80's. Bit what really annoys me are the vents below the central screen. Where are they blowing air at? Your gut? Those should have been on top of the dash like in pretty much every other car ever. That said, I think it will look decent enough in a nice light tan leather. Hopefully that becomes a option. PS. Are the any pictures of samples of the tan interior? I saw some pictures on the previous page on not sure if the tan one was on there but the one in between the black and red looked more like orange.
  10. I didn't know Lotus was "big" in Japan, interesting. Maybe the fact most of Lotus' cars aren't the most practical also has something to do with not seeing them on the road so much. Maybe you are more likely to spot then on b roads at times when traffic is low. Still, looking at cars for sale probably says it all. 37 exiges, 12 elises and 10 Evora's (6 of those are dealer stock). That's it. There are like a 1000 911's and 600 Caymans/boxters for sale. Even Ferrari has many more cars for sale. 45 812's and 40 488's just to give an example. Or people just love their Lotus' so much they don't want to sell them Truthfully though, the truth probably is that they just aren't very good value for money for anybody that wants a sports car and not a Lotus in particular.
  11. Looked up Evora prices and they went from 9 million for the first model to 11 million for the S (not sure if that was the super charger version) to 14 and 15 million for the 410 and 410 sport. The 410 range is well over 2 million more than what you pay for the same car in the UK and much more than a GT4 as well which I believe is 13 million. Unless they can compete with Cayman S and GTS prices I can't imagine we'll see a lot of them. Just doesn't make sense at that price. At least not for the initial models. I happen to live close to a pretty well off area and even have a Lotus dealer not too far away yet o hardly ever see one. Save a black Elise the other day which looked very nice and on early mornings you usually find a couple out on the local mountain roads but that's about it. I don't think I've ever even seen a Evora while I did spot cars like Countach, 512bb, 2.7rs and the usual range of Ferrari's and lambos around where I live.
  12. Japan has the same problem, though I think Japan actually exports quite a few cars to Australia. The used sports car market in Japan is very small. A Cayman GTS 4.0 in Japan is nearly 10.000 pounds more expensive compared to the UK. That said I'm from the Netherlands and buying any kind of fun car there is basically impossible due to the ridiculous co2 tax. A GTS is something like 130.000 euros.
  13. Do we know how long it will take Lotus to announce pricing for the rest of the world? Converting the UK price to Japanese yen makes sense (tad more expensive than a Cayman GTS 4.0) but I'd like to know so I can gradually let the wife get used to what my goal is for the next 2~3 years 😛
  14. No prices for Japan yet. The UK pound price converted to yen a bit over 11.000.000 yen and a grand or so over what the Cayman GTS 4.0 costs over here. I guess you can save a couple of grand if you don't go for the 12 ways seats and kef stereo? Hopefully it ends up being around 10~11 million for the v6 with some nice options but not fully loaded. The Evora is priced higher than a GT4 so that has me a bit worried. What is the consensus regarding the UK price? It's 10k over the GTS but the FE is fully loaded? That said, in my opinion the GTS comes with all the important (and most expensive) options included.
  15. Working fine here. Also any remotely competent web developer should not have any problems doing updates without the configurator going down.
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