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  1. I agree. The media seem intent on whipping up a storm between the young and old.
  2. I can only imagine how difficult it must be not to react to the provocations. Just rise above it. The second that you step out of line the Police and Justice system will come down on you like a ton of bricks. The speed and ferocity of their actions will be the polar opposite to what you have so far encounters whilst being the male victim.
  3. I’m quite sure that if the roles were reversed the Police would have an entirely different attitude
  4. It was a scam. I lived with someone who had six weeks off on full pay for a number of instances of Covid (public sector). That person went out of their way to ensure that they became infected.
  5. That’s a positive development, sometimes I fail to appreciate that behind the scenes lessons are being learnt and opinions taken on board.
  6. I wish you all the best! A very difficult situation.
  7. From dipping in and out of this thread it appears that we have a two tiered justice system based around gender.
  8. I saw my first Eletre on the road a few weeks back, it looks great. I’m sure that you’ll be pleased.
  9. I’ve driven and been in a wide variety of cars. Nothing comes close to the feel of a Lotus. The lap time around the Ring means nothing to me. I’ve owned a Exige S and an Evora 400, both great cars. If you want to feel like you are driving by the seat of your pants, try a 3.5 Exige - phenomenal. I have taken a standard Elise on a track, utterly brilliant despite the lack of brute horsepower.
  10. Interesting development https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/business-corporate/lotus-commercial-chief-leaves-after-18-months
  11. I suspect that a lot of the hysteria from academics regarding climate change is linked to the way in which research grants are allocated. I have no faith in the integrity of climate reports.
  12. That is the only way that I’ll ever step foot in a voting booth again
  13. Put in the letter to head office. Until these dealerships are brought into line they will continue along the same path.
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