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  1. Sorry wasn’t trying to have a go at you, and completely agree with views on MD. I’m a grumpy man at the moment over this whole thing!
  2. This misses the point though. Had they said the price was subject to change and inflation then I wouldn’t have an issue, however this wasn’t said and you even had Matt Windle all over youtube making promises that the price would not change despite rising costs. Had I known the price I signed up to wasn’t fixed and subject to rise I may have chosen to have a Launch Edition car and been driving that car now as an early depositer. Instead I will wait around three years for my base spec car and probably pay more for less once I’ve added a black pack and some nice wheels. Of course I can’t even say that for certain as they won’t tell us what the price will even be for the car now which only means they are leaving the door open for further increases. Advertise a car starting at £60k take deposits and then more than 18 months later after taking deposits say you don’t know what the price will be but it will be much higher than we said, and in addition you will have to wait much longer than we said. That level of treatment to your customers just cannot be justified. No problem with a price rise and a customer placing a deposit today then paying a higher price in full knowledge, but a deposit should be price protected and thus not change unless you state clearly otherwise (and not promising no change as Lotus did).
  3. So am I right in thinking if you apply this price rise announced across onto the entry level cars that a base model i4 is going to effectively rise in price to a similar level as a launch Edition car was originally? So in my case like many others, by being an early deposit holder but not taking a launch Edition car and instead waiting for an i4 base model at £60k, all I’ve done is lose circa 2 years waiting to then buy a car for the same price I could have 2 years earlier (launch Edition car) but with less kit. So therefore on that basis when I add my options some of which are on the launch Edition car, my base car is actually going to end up costing me more than the launch Edition car I never took as I waited patiently. Way to go Lotus - how to rip off your most brand loyal customers the early deposit holders. Waiting for an email response but can’t see anyway I will not be cancelling
  4. Deposit placed at time of the launch of the car just when I was about to buy another used Evora. What attracted me was the entry price point and my intention from the beginning was always to have the base spec with a few options. The price was announced and Lotus took the deposit on that basis. There were no t&c’s stating that this was subject to increase. Great way to get publicity and interest by announcing a price you will never honour. Breaking sales contracts a great way to destroy all the value that was being built in the brand. Suspect the waiting list is going to become much shorter.
  5. Having had 600bhp monsters and all the way to the 250bhp in my Alpine I totally agree that power isn’t everything. It’s about the way the car drives and flows and ultimately for me whether it puts a smile on my face and gives me fun down a favourite B Road. For me it’s about finding the sweet spot between that drivability on the road without it just feeling like a rocket ship, but still having enough to not be embarrassed by the Tesla Model 3 I’m trying to overtake. Re Emira i4 no-ones driven it yet and perhaps 360bhp will be that sweet spot. I like though that there is probably scope for quite a bit more if required or wanted.
  6. Thanks for the link. Did a few bits to my Evora in the past and this info certainly makes it tempting to do so again. indeed part of my reason for choosing the Emira i4 is based on what I feel the potential may be for unlocking that engine to greater things. The fear and what holds me back on the Alpine is unlike the Evora these are new cars under warranty and to lose that warranty could be an expensive mistake
  7. Very tempted to use my £2k Lotus deposit to do the Life upgrades if I do as I suspect cancel. Your message reads that they make a significant difference? wrong forum I guess 😂 Come on Lotus get your act together and stop me thinking of other plans…
  8. Got a reply via email from Lotus and within this they state that the base (customer specification) i4 is expected for delivery in Q4 2023 (not a surprise given where we are with other cars) but what really got me is they also say it’s not been decided yet if delivery will be in order of deposits placed - seriously!!!! So someone who placed a deposit at say Goodwood 2022 could in theory get their car before someone like me who placed their deposit at the reveal in 2021. Loving my Alpine that I bought whilst bored waiting for my Emira and have to say now on the edge of giving up all because of piss poor basic communication.
  9. Placed my deposit on 7th July. Only contact I’ve had was in response to an email I sent about poor communication. The response has indicated FE i4 will be September 23 and Base Edition cars will be a time period after that (2024?). Reading this thread though some other i4 deposit holders have already moved to 2nd deposits and much earlier deliveries initially indicated. Is it therefore completely random when you will get your car and no attempt is being made to follow order of deposits?
  10. I’m 6’1”. If others weren’t having issues then perhaps I just need to play with the settings more to get them adjusted right and this gives me hope. I guess what alarms me most is my Evora seats were great with hardly any adjustment. In addition when I spec my car I want to keep it fairly simple - I’ve no desire to spend money on heavy 12 way adjustable seats. Guess if I can get a test drive before I need to commit then this is when I’ll know for sure if it works for me or not: Over a year on from ordering and car still wows me when I see it in the flesh. Given I’m after as stripped out an I4 as you can get though I imagine it may be at least another year or even 18 months before I see a car!
  11. I’m sure there will be plenty here that like myself enjoyed poking round the 4 cars at Goodwood currently. Surprised myself by really liking the silver car which previously would have been my last choice and also very taken by the red one. The issue was that when I climbed in the red car I wasn’t comfy in the seats particularly around the headrest and the back of my neck. My current car has fixed seats yet I’ve never felt the need to alter them in any way. People on Lotus stand told me these were the final production seats. Now panicking on if I could get them adjusted to make them comfy. Could be a deal breaker for me. Anyone else got views on the seats, colours etc after seeing these cars?
  12. Placed my order for an Emira at the time of the online launch - loved the looks and was missing my old Evora I’d sold a year earlier. £60k promised price also seemed great versus £55k for another used Evora. That was then… Having then sold my current fun car in anticipation of the Emira and cashing in on the high market, I got very very bored waiting. Ive therefore bought an A110 and took delivery in early March. Fantastic car and I use it as my daily with 3000 miles on it already. The question is now whether I stick with it or when the Emira eventually comes swap? Few thoughts - An A110 isn’t as cheap as you may think - it needs options added such as the sports exhaust and bigger brakes. - I personally like the flappy paddles but then my Evora was an IPS. Both cars are/were never driven in Auto apart from long motorway slogs. - I loved the Evora. It was always an occasion. The A110 feels more like a top end sports car rather than the Evora which felt like junior supercar, having said that more people stop and ask about the A110 than the Evora - The A110 gets parked in the street at work every day and I do t panic too much about it. I’d have never done that with the Evora and I think this is the key point. The Alpine A110 is the car if you want to use it all the time and feel much more special than the masses is their Audi TT’s or dare I say it Caymans and Boxsters. The Emira however will I’m sure kick the A110’s arse as an occasion and special car. I can’t afford to keep the A110 and have the Emira however so a big decision is coming in the future - desperately want to test drive an I4 before I need to commit one way or the other.
  13. Al_C

    Lotus Emira

    So the Radford 62 has been launched with the Toyota V6 producing either 430bhp or 500bhp. In the Evora and Exige it’s produced 430bhp: The AMG unit produces over 400bhp in Mercs. i loved my supercharged Evora with its 345bhp but just a little more would be nice. I’ve got a 600bhp car which frankly isn’t needed on the road, but if there is no cost implications I can’t understand why Lotus are going to detune both engines to 360-400bhp in the Emira?
  14. Talking of getting in and out of cars has anyone got any experience of getting their Lotus into a single garage? Never used to park my old Evora in the garage but thinking I’d like to get the Emira in it, but it’s only c2.5m wide (and a support column brings it down another c30cm at that point) and I think the car is 1.9m wide. Gut feel is I won’t be able to get in and out of the car. Any thoughts?
  15. Al_C

    Lotus Emira

    Felt at the time I was being brave ordering a car I’d never sat in, seen or driven, but instead relying on how much I’d loved my Evora in the past. Now I’m feeling I need to be even braver over colour choices. I’ve narrowed it down to either the blue or the Nimbus Grey in both cases with black packs. But what interior to have with either? I don’t want alcantara, and I don’t want all black which rules out the black leather. Desperately hoping cars touring the showrooms will have different interiors as really can’t decide if light grey, tan or even red would work! Anyone else going for a coloured leather interior?
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