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  1. Agreed, it has door pockets which the Sport never had, unless they were swapped by po.
  2. A very nice 410 Sport has just appeared on seloc classifieds. £55k, 12k miles.
  3. I put MPS5 on the rear of mine, previously had 4S, but 5s were a fair bit cheaper. However the 5s do not offer as much rim protection as the 4S, so I will either revert to 4S next time or look at the Contis. Certainly don’t fit cheap budget tyres on it. My car is still on all 4 original tpms sensors after numerous tyre changes over the past 13 years, so unless yours have been damaged, they should be ok.
  4. Welcome to the forum, you may find your answer in the Market watch thread just below. I expect the mods will merge your post with that thread anyway. Good luck with your search.
  5. The yellow is called Solar yellow and is a pearl / metallic paint which is clear to see ……….. when the sun comes out!
  6. When I have had this fault, it is intermittent and the first that happens is that it drops out of Sport mode and you get the TC and AB’s lights on. I have normally found that this happens if you are just using the car lightly and hardly touching the brakes. Mine will normally clear itself after the first restart. If using the car harder, incl the brakes, it doesn’t seem to happen on my car. I bought a new sensor a few years ago and have never fitted it as the fault quickly clears and I make habit of using the brakes harder than normal periodically and that keeps it away. I would try a few restarts, if it clears, take it for a decent run and hit the brakes a few times. Works for me anyway 😀
  7. What is the reddish colour one, doesn’t look like Magma, so guess it’s a wrap?
  8. There are 2 main options. Go 2bular headers / larini / Komotec etc and remove the oem manifold cats. You will then need a good Cat further down the system that will get you through the mot. This, route, if done correctly will free up the engine breathing and gain power. Will prob need a remap to get the best out of it. It will cost though! cheaper option, and what I did, and the majority of owners, is to select a nice sounding and free flowing rear box and remove the 3rd cat, which is not necessary anyway to pass emissions test and mot, as there are still cats in the manifolds. The 3rd cat in the later Evoras was removed anyway as it was not required for uk markets, I think US needed it. Loads of options out there and loads of different price points. If money was no object, I would go full system, ie manifolds, down pipe, single decent sports cat and decent rear box. My mod money is now in an Emira and my 2010 Evora will stay as is with decat and 2bular box…..first word problems, I know.
  9. Well I’ve preferred the sound of mine against the Lotus sports one - deeper sound and good, but not loud, burbles on overrun. Doesn’t drone at all, but for you to decide, you really need to hear it yourself.
  10. I have a 2bular rear box and 3rd cat replacement pipe and very happy with the sound, combined with radium CAI. No problems with eml and passes Combe noise test at about 95db. I’m only just across the bridge if you want to hear it.
  11. That looks great Will, esp with the gold wheels 👍
  12. Which is fine, until you have a theft instance and the ins co finds out the car wasn’t even locked.
  13. As above, I use the boot socket as the charge point and then close boot leaving the connector outside the boot, so I can easily swap the C-tek to another car. Boot seal is big enough to not damage the thin C-tek cable. Been doing this for 12 years on mine😀👍
  14. Got mine opened this way as well 👍 the plastic grommet that holds the end of the normal release cable in the latch had broken an fallen off leaving the cable totally detached from the lock. A common fault, make sure you have a look at yours!
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