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  1. I've had two same worded emails from Glasgow and Surrey.
  2. Unique opportunity to own a small piece of Jim Clark 'Race Worn' Clothing. Gifted by Jim Clark Trust - Doug Niven Incorporated in stunning artwork by Aviart Designs. Metal artwork with the silhouette of Jim's race winning Lotus. However, contained underneath both crystal door mirrors an actual segment from Jim Clark's 1965 season racing suit that was delicately removed from the inner seams of the race worn suit and then included in the artwork. The winning bidder will also be invited by Doug Niven, Jim's cousin, to visit the Museum in Duns where Doug will allow for the winner to bring the artwork along and be photographed with the actual race suit that will be brought out of storage especially for the winning bidder to hold and be photographed with. I think you will agree that opportunities do not ever come along to own something worn by Jim Clark and have the provenance to back this up. THE RESERVE ON THIS ARTWORK AND VISIT TO THE MUSEUM IS: £1000 Proceeds to Jim Clark Trust and The RAF Benevolent Fund If anyone wants to place a bid on this, for the auction that will take place on the night of Saturday 2nd September, I can provide further details on request.
  3. Could this be the end of the car? Blue Ball at end of gear lever has failed - and the part is not available from Lotus since 2021 - A132F6364S! What have they using since then when building new Evoras and what is being used if there's a warranty claim?! Checked with SJ Sportcars too, they have had three enquires over the same amount of days for this part too.. Is there a 3rd party, maybe short shift, option in UK?
  4. Durable Garage Flooring and Floor Tiles | The Garage Interior Design Company The Lotus logos are made up of individual cut floor tile parts - ideal if you like jigsaws! Am sure it wont last long as study being emptied into there now as new flooring being laid 😁
  5. Just about got my garage finished😁
  6. Well done.. Look forward to seeing it in the village! (Rob Walker Heritage Edition Elise owner and son has Evora - both at Dolphinton. There are 2 other Lotus owners down here also)
  7. Not a big contributor but long time lurker... 15 Years In 15 years since joining Earned Just now
  8. It was up for sale at £15,000 though a deal was done for a few thousand less.
  9. Well some good news and bad news! Bad news is that we will not be going forward with the purchase as the reserve was £17,500 though it was offered eventually for £13,500. Still more than what we had. However, a deal has been done with another seller, with funds we have, to purchase Jim's Aintree race win cup from 1963. Looking forward to it being in the Jim Clark Museum,
  10. Unfortunately, the trophy did not meet the reserve. However, the bid for the Jim Clark museum was the highest. They will try to get details of seller. Last bid was £12,110. Thanks to all who donated to the cause.
  11. Fund sitting at for Jim Clark Museum bid is £4730 Current highest bid for trophy is £4520, however, the reserve is still not met. Only hours left till it ends.. Watch this space.
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