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  1. yes, a symbol for being in distress! https://www.thelotusforums.com/latest-news/reviews/lotus-emira-v6-first-edition/#jp-carousel-27438
  2. all options, except ADAS that may or may not come when they have chips. Car at this price really should have decent adaptive cruise control
  3. Going to be some hand wringing by FE deposit holders when pricing for base cars is visible
  4. rather running out of Q2 2023
  5. ooooh not far off, and would not need too much slippage on UK customer cars
  6. I bet that gets people making assumptions in a blue badge spot
  7. or press cars will now come out when first customer cars were intended; and there is a hope that positive press reviews will dampen disappointment with another 3 month delay (into winter)
  8. I suspect they are right I also suspect that will make deliveries slip out of the summer window Am reluctant to ask for deposit back without driving an i4, but the magic is draining out of the wait I cannot imagine customer cars coming out at the same time as press / dealer cars
  9. test drove at a dealer in January, and they were expecting i4 demonstrator in April I am sat on a July build / August delivery, and expect that to slip as the demonstrators slip
  10. I am sure CEO made a statement that was endorsed at the time; but it is not "his" money, and ultimately not a guarantee he could warrant personally
  11. It is a £6K increase Lotus stubbornly are not releasing a "base" price (for the car coming Q3 '23!) but if that is the increase, then £66K plus the options you want (rather than "all in") probably hits £73k, the old LE price
  12. I think I will sit in there for now Was a pre-reveal depositor, so should be right near the top of the i4 list It is currently still quoting july build august delivery. If delivery slips back to october (ie winter) then I will take my chances with either the base waiting list or a one owner car. Was not fussed when November 22 slipped through to March 23, August 23 is the limit of my patience, particularly when I also have topay an 8% premium for this fuckwhitery
  13. the MD statement was I commit to you that these costs will not be passed on to you, the price you are being quoted will be the price you pay for your emira. That is a promise
  14. simonb

    Emira Key Box

    keyless is easy and convenient the hateful one is the half measure (have it with the morgan) = get in car, put key in ignition, turn key 2 positions, then press starter button - Why?
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