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Community Answers

  1. Wow Jaques really looking great. Superb modification, great weight loss!
  2. 100% true but..... Perhaps another man-influenced disaster will hit us earlier.....
  3. many thanks, all tried resetting, worked on one side, the other side will not work correctly... just a bit amazed at the cost of the unit, just replaced one on a bmw for 44 euro's.....
  4. my window regulator does not open a bit when i open the door. Should be some micro switch inside, anybody had a go at repairing this without buying the complete system? Anybody looked at which motor lotus uses? Thanks!
  5. proficiat Filip, enjoy buying your DeTomaso!
  6. The drive for the heater flap motor was broken, water had gotten into it. Replaced it from underneath just had to get the front undertray removed.
  7. Many thaks all, will tackle this next weekend goal is to replace the heater flap control. Will let you know!
  8. Have this problem with an evora which does not provide warm air to the Cabin. Have checked the heater pipes, they are both hot so ok. the interior actuator works ok. Now i am suspecting the temperature flap actuator. Can i reach this from underneath if the front undertray is removed or do i have to take the complete unit out? Suggestions are very welcome.
  9. Completely agree with you both, always tell that this changing world is the reason we have to die as we no longer want/can cope with it.... I hopelessly am stuck in the old lotus and enjoying it very much. Seeing these new chinese cars makes me wonder how we could change so quickly? where has our common sense gone. Wonder what chapman would think of a lotus weighing 2600 kgs and having 900 bhp transporting 1 person..... do we really think that we can solve our environmental problems in the way we are acting at the moment....
  10. cor

    Formula One

    Would Red Bull dare to put Lawson next to Max next year???
  11. Can visit the guy and see, or can even contact our local police?
  12. Do you have anything of an adress? i live 5 kms from s hertogenbosch, seen the advert and was tempted by it......
  13. does anybody know what is different in the inner fenders of a sport 300. did they make more room there for the larger wheels? front and rear or only rear? thanks Cor
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