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  1. My car insurance is up for renewal, best overall offer (not just price) is from KGM. I’ve not heard of them before so wondering if any one has good or bad experiences with them?
  2. To me seems the chassis setup change was the biggest improvement he was happy about. But his initial impression was from driving a touring spec Emira which isn't designed for track days so not sure if he was being overly harsh.
  3. If thats true ... I'm glad he's got a seat for next year and we'll see him on the grid again! but also I'm just not sure Merc understand this era of regulations and have the expertise to build a good car that challenge for wins and podiums. I see him working his butt off for P5-P10's and I think he deserves a better car than that.
  4. I use my Evora NA on the track a few times a year, I have a standard sump with no baffles and it's been fine.
  5. FYI, I have the updated shifter mechanism from the Evora 4XX fitted in my Evora NA. I felt it was a big step up from the old version and improved the shift in my car. Just something to add to the list and compare against other options.
  6. 😛 @Nick Sticks is it yours? I’m the one with the orange S1 Evora normally parked at the back.
  7. There is a lovely looking silver Emira in my work car park! Who's is it? And why didn't you tell me you are joining the Lotus family!
  8. @Dan E, Echo what Bibs has said. Mich PS 4S is one the best all round tyre you can buy for a high performance road car. I use the standard non-manufactuer specific version of the PS 4S https://www.asdatyres.co.uk/michelin/pilot-sport-4-s/285-30-20-99-y-xl-pilot-sport-4-s?id=3528707102508
  9. @Phaeton91, I incorrectly worded my initial post. I meant to say I mostly use the car for fun rather than daily driver. Not that I mostly do track days, I try to do a few year.
  10. Thanks all for the feedback and advice it was greatly appreciated. In the end, I decided not to install the LSD. The total cost was too high (more than I had planned for) and I couldn't justify it as it didn't seem like there was going to be huge increase in performance. I use the car for a bit of fun not competitive and am more than happy with the smiles per mile it currently gives so I feel there was little extra to gain for me by adding an LSD. At some point down the road I may install a gearbox oil cooling kit sold by Hangar111. It's around the same sort of price but can be installed at any time, just needs the under tray off and will greatly help with the reliability and robustness. If I had a Evora S then I think I would have got it installed. I'm sure I would've gone for some power upgrades downtime road and could have justified the LSD more. But I want to keep the NA engine NA and I don't think I can add much more power than currently (~310bhp) without spending silly money.
  11. Car related purchase … it would probably be track days and tuition next year. non car related purchase, ski holiday or furniture for the house we’ve just moved into.
  12. Hey Paul, I already have the lighter fly wheel and clutch from the 400. Love the increased response from the engine. hmmm gonna think about this a bit more. It’s not clear cut, no one is saying yes absolutely get one it’ll make things so much better. The cost so far is a bit higher than I was hoping and the LSD will add another ~£1000 on top so not sure I want to go ahead …
  13. Howdy folks, my car is currently getting its gearbox rebuilt. While the car is in bits wondering if should go for a LSD or not? I’m using the car mostly for track days and occasional special drive and less of an everyday car. So thinking the extra traction out of corners might come in handy? Any experiences of adding an LSD? Was it noticeable? Any idea if it can be added easily at a later stage or will require taking engine and gearbox out to install? So if I’m going to do it should I do it now? thanks in advance for any guidance or feedback
  14. I think Red Bull are the new "chosen ones" for the FIA, Ferrari have been ousted! I expect a new era of dodgy decisions going in favour of Red Bull (you could argue it already started a few years back).
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