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    '85 na esprit, '69 europa , '73 spitfire
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  1. please keep it orange, that looks so good with polished wolfies
  2. correct, pre MY85 are the same, from '85 up to '94 they are bendix 45mm
  3. as far as I remember the later ones have a bigger piston diameter (45mm on my 1985 s3)
  4. the "phasing" of the u-joint is for the "feel" the steering wheel does in both directions, nothing to do with going back to the center position, that is the caster doing (more caster= heavy steering at low speed but more high speed stability (centering) less caster easy steering at low speed but less self centering... if the rack is in dead center, check for play in the pinion as the rack wears most in the straight positions.
  5. hoi, Haico, nice to see another Europa in Holland, are you a member of the Dutch lotus club? any more pics from the Europa?
  6. lubricate the engine before turning seems like a good idea, was thinking to use a hand driven oil pump to feed the oil into the engine before turning just to pre lub the bearings and cams....
  7. when I was comparing the old vs the new one I found that the inner ball joints where 10mm wider apart don't know it that will affect bump steer a lot but together with the overall weaker design I sold it on....
  8. thanks, I have a set of htd pullies so next belt change I'll change the pullies as well
  9. what is the big advantage of a round tooth belt / pulley if I may ask?
  10. I've had one as well, went straight into the bin...(no just kidding, I sold it on) soo much weaker in design, I got a second hand one and bought the parts from Kileyclinton. but the rack needs to be good as Steve is pointing out. btw the tapered roller bearings...... look at the Capri/Escort racks from the same area, same brand as the esprit but with tapered roller bearings (and unlucky for us they are smaller and the pinion shafts are not the same length ) I milled out my old one and replaced the needle bearing (top one for the pinion shaft) with a tapered one so there is NO play in it at all (ballbearings have a little play in the axial direction
  11. 100% not my old body, my doors ended up in my Banks62 as did the engine cover. the rest of the body was destroyed in the Netherlands and not shipped back to the UK LOL I must dig deep to find some pics but I will do it just for fun!
  12. I bought the very early 1969 s2 car around 1997 somewhere in Kent/near london. the poor body ended up in 3 big pieces in a garbage truck as I found out it was clued together poorly, chassis was badly rusted, ended up building a new chassis and bought an banks 62 body. the rest is history....
  13. found the (very old) picture....
  14. I have but at home..... my old log book is blue/silver , now it's back to blue. as soon as I am home I will look for the old pics
  15. wondering about the dark blue/silver paint, my '69 s2 had the same dark blue/silver paint scene
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