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    Andrew Spence
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    Esprit Turbo 1988 40th Anniversary Ltd Edition

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  1. Seen in Easingwold near York on Saturday. Looked fantastic in the afternoon sunshine, I was just too slow to ambush him...!
  2. Sorry to hear your sad news Tony... A lot of years ago I had a friend who hung himself,from the outside looking in everything looked rosy. It was only later that we found out that his wife (Whom I knew from school) had been pushing him to work more and more so she could live the high life. The only funeral I have been to and it was so distressing,nobody could look anyone else in the eye,and the strangest thing was a car he had painted for me and I had sold drove past as I turned into the crematorium.... More recently another friend did the same as a result of gambling debts,a mere £4000 for a life... He said nothing and then it was too late. I feel for everybody concerned...
  3. Andy67

    Yellow S4

    Very clean yellow S4 on the A34 just above Chievely at 0922....!
  4. Andy67

    Red GT3

    Red GT3 looking and sounding great,southbound on A5 at 1.05pm just outside the village of Fosters Booth. I was going the other way in red Shogun.
  5. Andy67

    Blue V8

    Nice V8 outside the garage,reg plate TONI P. Narrows it down a bit....! Some other nice cars in the workshop including Elan 2+2,Europa and lovely S1 in white with the body off.
  6. Andy67


    Welcome to TLF Darren. Nice car and good introduction!
  7. Andy67


    Welcome to TLF Paul.
  8. My condolences to you both...
  9. He's probaly already guilty to some Roger.....! Might as well get hung for a sheep as a lamb....!
  10. A warm welcome to TLF Vern! Sounds like the start of an interesting project,we need photo's,lots of photo's.....!
  11. Can't fault your enthusiasm and determination Wayne....! It's making entertaining reading at any rate! Keep it up mate....!
  12. Have you heard how work is progressing on your car Bibs...? Obviously the "Festive Period" will have stopped work for a bit...!
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