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  1. Hi - I've had mine (V6 Auto) since last October and, apart from one known issue (HVAC fan resistor fixed under warranty) it's been faultless. Hope Bibs is OK with the link but there's loads of info over on the "dedicated" Emira forum : https://www.emiraforum.com/ but do bear in mind that a) people do tend to go on forums more to complain than praise and b) it's not just a UK forum 😬 It's still a Lotus, (mostly still) hand built at Hethel, and does have it's foibles and some minor design compromises, but then again, it's still a Lotus and the drive is very Evora-like (a good thing!). As far as prices and depreciation go, nobody can know for sure, but with no UK V6's being built until "delivery in 2025" and some great 0% finance offers the new cars in stock at Lotus look better value with a significant interest saving (or gain if you have cash that can be invested). If you can find a low mileage ex-demo car (like I did - 254 miles on it and £10k off) then so much the better as there's an extra hedge against depreciation from the off.... Personally, having driven all three derivatives, I'd avoid the "Emira Turbo" (we're not allowed to say i4 any more as BMW got upset) as it's really not that good, even compared to the V6 auto (which are few and far between).....
  2. JimH

    Lotus Emira

    I had my Emira test drive there, before Hethel was even up and running for those.... 😉
  3. JimH

    Lotus Emira

    Also - the "Lotus Hethel" dealership has dropped off the list of Sales Agents and anecdotal evidence suggests that new car factory collections are no more. With Stratton Motors/Lotus Norfolk (currently? 🤞) a Service Agent only there's a big geographical gap in the East of England / Hethel heartland for a new car sales agency....
  4. JimH

    Lotus Emira

    Me too - cancelled my 4 order (placed on launch day) last Autumn when I got a drive in a press car (I can say thanks to Scott Walker now that he's left Hethel - the i4 was disappointing) and it was delayed again - and bought a V6 Auto ex-dealer demo with >250 miles and £13k off list - there are still plenty of lightly used or ex-demo UK FE V6's around...... https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-search?advertising-location=at_cars&make=Lotus&model=Emira&postcode=NR14 8EZ&sort=price-asc And ex-factory orphaned orders at list prices including i4's too : https://www.lotuscars.com/en-GB/car-locator?model=Emira It seems odd that any new UK orders via the online configurator (Emira AND EV's) now get sent to a "Lotus Centre" for processing (as opposed to an online deposit and then being left to Lotus CS to deal with) - is this a sign that the direct sales model is failed/reverting??
  5. JimH

    Lotus Emira

    I don't believe, from personal experience, that they ever have been.....
  6. JimH

    Type 135

    Assuming an Emira production crossover (or there's no need for the new buildings to house a second production line) with Type 135 I would imagine that the new buildings (currently a greenfield site adjacent to the test track and behind the Hethel Engineering Centre) are probably on the critical path for a production start date and would take at least a year or two to construct once permission (applied for last Summer) is eventually granted.... The Emira production line in the new(est) Chapman building was in place for development and testing around a year before production-ready customer cars started being delivered in any sort of volumes.....
  7. JimH

    Type 135

    The planning permission for the new assembly, logistics and staff buildings at Hethel hasn't been approved yet (submitted last summer....)
  8. Mine was built last July (Hendy Eastleigh Demonstrator), HVAC resistor pack died in October after collection journey back from Southampton to Norwich in heavy rain, replaced in December by Stratton Motors (confirmed 10 hours). I've heard of another one that was replaced around the same time failing again since so am avoiding heavy rain/road spray at least until I'm back from Ypres Lotus Day (which is a 3-day trip for me) in May..... 🙄
  9. There seems to be some sort of part-transition between 1st edition (only i4 available on those European websites now too?) and base + options happening...... What's there at present is neither 1st edition "as was" or full base + options pricing as base audio and some other base + option prices aren't there and the first choice is "1st Edition" still.....
  10. Apparently the Chinese market i4's have the hardware but not the software (yet) for all of the ADAS functionality - the "pod" above the front numberplate is the visual clue (unless it's been "tidied away" since). Doesn't appear to be fitted to any UK or RoW cars though?....
  11. Not really…… https://www.lotuscars.com/en-GB/aftersales/fixed-price-service
  12. https://ypreslotusday.be/yld2024/ Now open for registrations….. (I’m nothing to do with the organising of this - but have just booked to attend)……
  13. JimH

    Type 134

    650ps (641 bhp), 0-60 in 5.1 seconds and £65K OTR - given that type 134 is a smaller variant of the Eletre platform, rumoured to start at £55k I suspect they might.... 😉
  14. JimH

    Lotus Emira I4

    I've driven both (an early press i4 and now have a V6 Auto Emira). Unless the delays give them time to improve the DSG, it isn't. .....
  15. I've done my headlights and ordered for the black side sills (haven't attempted fitting yet) and it would appear to be this product (the only one listed as 0.150mm as stated by Aliath) - the carrier paper isn't specific though, other than a manufacturer logo : https://www.orafol.com/en/europe/products/oraguard-270-stone-guard-film Manufacturer comparison brochure here : https://issuu.com/finishwa/docs/gi-stone-guard-films-en?fr=sODMyYTE2MTE0MDk which claims all are suitable for paintwork, are scratch-resistant and self-healing is listed in the product comparison table as "Good" for the Oraguard 270....
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