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  1. @aquiss when using satnav is HUD now displaying distance in imperial not metric, unfortunately we are out of the country and can’t upload 1.5
  2. Another invite from Craig at Artistic Detailing Sunday 2nd June 10am all Lotus welcome Unit 6 High Hazels Court, Coombe Road, Moorgreen, Nottingham NG16 3SU
  3. @C8RKH no surprise there
  4. Excellent Tony thanks for letting us know, we recorded the program knowing we would be talking instead of listening and having to rewind quite a few times.
  5. We have a silver one for the blossom grey Eletre really nice fit and look the part.
  6. The GT430 standard carbon seats could be upgraded when first specified/purchased with the cf back (with tilt) but these seats were £4K more IIRC
  7. Having spoken this morning to a very good Chinese friend (senior management) who works for Lotus Technology. I really don’t feel Lotus UK/Hethel have much to worry about I quote “Hethel has been and will always be regarded as the heart of Lotus its culture spirit origin and everything the brand stands for and our founder Colin Chapman gave to us” I also got the impression that the Lotus hierarchy are pretty happy with the UK factory
  8. Yes why not we need bad news, especially when it’s twice
  9. We recently did Scarborough return (200 miles) cost £5.18 yes plugged in at home on Octopus overnight. As Jon, base model on 22” wheels in range setting and keeping within national speed limit As a very good friend said to me yesterday “a cheap fish and chips”
  10. @Bibs do we know who was putting the car through it’s paces? That was a pretty hot lap.
  11. @Bibs did you get a chance to have a good look around the car; any thoughts
  12. Oops didn’t realise we were looking at a car 😝
  13. @C8RKH we regularly drive down to Southampton, we are 30 miles away from one Lotus dealer and 60 miles from another Lotus dealer; and we haven’t seen another on the road. We took our Eletre to a local Club Lotus meeting recently as a number of members said they would like to see one. You’re not alone. To quote a saying from X Files
  14. Poignant number plate
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